The Aurora UFO Incident

Jamie Ward
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Did you know that in spring 1897, many reports were made of a UFO heading north which apparently crashed in Aurora, Texas?

    One morning in early spring 1897, there were a number of reports stating that a UFO had crashed into a windmill owned by a local judge in the small town of Aurora, Texas.

    These reports also indicated that along with the crash was a pilot described as being “out of this world” who had died in the accident.

    The report that appeared in local newspapers said that lights in the sky had been seen all around the country and had been heading north.

    A few witnesses had begun to believe that there was something not quite right with how this UFO was flying due to its slow speeds of around 10-12 miles per hour.

    After the UFO had reached the north part of Aurora, the ship slowly began to descend and collided with a windmill, scattering debris over several acres of land.

    The pilot of the ship is said to have been the only member aboard, and although the body was badly disfigured, witnesses had said that this body was “not an inhabitant of this world” and was known as the “Martian Pilot.”

    The body found in the crash was buried in the local graveyard by the people who lived in the town.

    Sadly on June 14, 1973, a group of people went into the cemetery and stole the headstone, which had a cigar-shaped spaceship carved into it.

    Soon after this had happened, a sign was put up at the entrance of the cemetery marking the place where the body had been buried, with the story of what had happened.

    Whether there is any truth in this story or not, it has certainly sparked interest for over 100 years.

    In 1986, it was decided to publish this story as a movie named “The Aurora Encounter.”

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