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George Shelley, a member of the four-piece British boy-band Union J.

Union J came to fame for their success in Series 9 of the UK’s X-Factor, so why not check out these fun facts about George Shelley.

George Shelley was born on July 27, 1993.

His star sign is Leo.

George Shelley is the youngest member of Union J.

He’s from Clevedon, Bristol, England.

George is 5’10”.

His hair color is dark brown and he has brown eyes.

He has seven siblings called Tom, Will, Leo, Archie, Harriet, Louisa, and Annabelle.

His father is called Dominic, his Twitter is: @dominic_shelley.

George owns three pet hamsters called Steven, Gloria, and Oliver.

George taught himself to play the guitar at the age of 13, with help from his granddad.

English is the only language he can speak.

He prefers the iPhone over a Blackberry – but let’s face it, who doesn’t!

Before fame, he worked part-time in Costa Coffee in Weston-super-Mare.

He attended Weston College and completed a BTEC Extended Diploma in Graphic Design.

He auditioned for X Factor shortly after he finished college.

George originally auditioned for the X Factor as a solo artist, he sang Toxic by Britney Spears.

The X Factor producers wanted George to join MK1 originally, however, he chose to join Triple J.

His favorite animal is a monkey, he even owns a monkey onesie!

He has a tattoo of a lion and a monkey on his bum.

His favorite food is spaghetti bolognese.

George Shelley Facts 2015

George’s favorite color is red.

His favorite song is Live It Up by Tulisa.

George Shelley describes Ariana Grande as his perfect woman.

He is a fan of horror movies.

George enjoys watching The Big Bang Theory, and his favorite character is Sheldon – actor Jim Parsons.

He is a big lover of coffee and enjoys it from Starbucks.

George prefers brown sugar over white sugar.

He loves Jaffa Cakes.

George likes to watch Star Trek with his mother.

Before Union J, George didn’t really have many friends but he said he always had his guitar so he was fine.

The first concert he went to was a Bon Jovi concert with his father.

George said he would never date a fan.

Shelley admits to being “really bad at relationships”, he says he gets bored too easily.

When George met Harry Styles, Harry gave him advice to not cut his hair – as the girls love it!

George and Harry Styles swapped phone numbers.

George’s favorite cartoon character is Ash Ketchum from Pokémon.

George got bullied at school, one of the lads kicked a football towards his face, and as he protected his face with his hands, the ball ended up breaking his wrists.

He loves marmite – only if it has the right ratio of butter to marmite.

George Shelley first met Jorgie Porter before entering the jungle on ITV’s “I’m A Celebrity”, they were spotted greeting each other with a kiss.

His Snapchat name is georgeujsnap.

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