Facts About Jaffa Cakes

Are Jaffa Cakes A Cake Or Biscuit?

I always thought McVities Jaffa Cakes were a biscuit; they’re biscuit shaped, look like biscuits and taste pretty biscuit-like too, but no, they’re in fact cakes.

VAT is not charged on biscuits and cakes by law, although VAT is charged on chocolate covered biscuits, like chocolate digestive’s.

McVities, being the main Jaffa Cake producer stated that their Jaffa Cakes are actually cakes, which is why VAT isn’t charged on them.

In 1991, this was challenged and the case was taken to court.

McVities defended their selves by producing a large Jaffa Cake to demonstrate that Jaffa Cakes were just mini cakes.

McVities explained that a main difference between biscuits and cakes is that biscuits go soft when they are stale, whereas cakes generally go solid.

It was proven that Jaffa Cakes become hard when stale therefore being a cake.

The case was won and VAT is not paid on Jaffa Cakes.

Hmm, I wonder what pancakes are!


  1. Jay Son 16 March 2013

    Pancakes are a bread product, just to confuse the issue further.

  2. Cookie monster 23 June 2012

    I always thought it was pretty obvious, the clue is in the name. Jaffa *Cake*, Pan*cake*. Its the eggs wot does it. Size isnt everything. The real question is, is a fairy cake a muffin?!

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