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J.J. Hamblett Facts



J.J. Hamblett, a member of the four-piece British boy-band Union J.

Union J came to fame for their success in Series 9 of the UK’s X-Factor.

His full name is Jamie “JJ” Hamblett.

He was born on May 25, 1988.

His star sign is Gemini.

His hometown is Newmarket, London, United Kingdom.

JJ is 1/4 Norwegian.

JJ is the oldest member of Union J.

His brother is called Ashley, his Twitter is @AshHamblett.

He is 5’10” (177cm) tall and weighs 138lbs (63kg).

His shoe size is 6.5 (UK).

JJ has brown eyes and hair.

JJ used to be a jockey, he took part in over 260 races and won 24 times.

Before JJ was in the band Triple J, he was a model and an actor.

JJ auditioned for the BBC series The Cut, but didn’t get the part because he didn’t quite fit the role they were looking for.

He also auditioned for a low-budget feature film Called ‘Vampires Don’t Cry’, where he played a 15-year-old Schoolboy.

JJ sleepwalks and sleep talks.

He is scared of rubber bands!

His favorite film is I Love You Man.

His X-Factor serial number was 763127.

He is a fan of Justin Bieber.

When JJ was younger, his favorite band was Backstreet Boys.

He has a tattoo of an angel playing cards on his left arm.

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