8 Wild Facts About the Color Red

Did you know that the word "ruby" comes from the Latin word "rubens", meaning "red"?

    Red, the color of danger, strawberries, Coca-cola and blood.

    If it’s your favorite color, check out these top facts about the color red.

    Red also means “Beautiful” in Russian.

    The word “ruby” comes from the Latin word rubens, meaning “red”.

    The color red doesn’t really make bulls angry; they are color-blind.

    There are at least 23 different shades of red crayons.

    The red stripes on the United States Flag stand for courage.

    Chinese brides traditionally wear red wedding dresses for good luck.

    Seeing the color red can make your heart beat faster.

    As few as two percent of people in the United States have red hair.

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