Facts About Katy Perry

21 Fun Facts About Katy Perry

Katy Perry, one of the biggest names in the world; singer, songwriter and musician!

Proud owner of songs like the infamous “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot & Cold”.

Here are the juiciest facts covering Katy’s life from relationships to her pets!

Her full name is Katy Hudson.

She is 35  years old and was born on 25th October 1984.

Katy first met Russel Brand by throwing a bottle at him – awkward.

Travis McCoy dated Katy on and off for years, they split up permanently in 2006.

Fans of Katy began throwing chapsticks at her when she was performing “I kissed a girl” on stage because of the lyrics “tastes of her cherry chapstick”.

She is a natural blonde.

Katy voiced the character Smurfette in Smurfs: The Movie (2011).

Her parents are Keith Hudson and Mary Perry.

Katy’s favorite number is 9!

Her cat’s name is Kitty Purry – how creative!

Katy Perry recorded her first album at the age of 15.

In 2006 Katy stared in Gym Class Heroes’ single ‘Cupids Chokehold‘.

Katy is releasing a perfume brand named ‘Purr’.

Katy was named “The Next Best Thing” by Early converts Blender Magazine – what a title!

She left home when she was only 17 to pursue her music career.

When Katy left home she was signed by Island Def Jam Music Group and she traveled to Los Angles to work on a new album, unfortunately that new album was never heard of again.

Katy nearly caused a ‘glitter war’ when she posted; using blasphemy is “cheap” on Twitter referring to Lady GaGa’s video ‘Alejendro’.

Katy’s original name was Katy Hudson; named after her father but Katy wasn’t happy that Katy Hudson sounded a bit to close to Kate Hudson (actress). She then went on to use her mother’s surname – Perry.

She is a singer, songwriter and a musician – how talented.

Katy made it big in the world by using over-the-top fashion and catchy songs.

She is 1 of 3 siblings; an older sister and a younger brother.



  1. Shea 29 December 2014

    Her full name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson , not Katy Hudson . Katy Hudson is the name on her old gospel record that she decided to change because it sounded too much like Kate Hudson .

  2. Michaela 29 March 2013

    I totally love Katy Perry and you gusy should check out her cover version of Queen Don’t Stop Me Now on YouTube. She is an awesome singer with a great voice. Love u KATY PERRY!

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