29 Interesting Facts About Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd Facts
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English singer and model Cher Lloyd has come far since her first X Factor audition in 2010, check out these top 29 interesting facts about her life, family & career!

Cher Lloyd is 27 years old. She was born on Wednesday, July 28, 1993.

She is from Malvern, Worcestershire, England.

Cher went to Dyson Perrins High School, where she studied performing arts.

She has three siblings called Josh, Sophie, and Rosie. Her parent’s names are Darren and Dina.

Rosie doesn’t like Cher’s song ‘Swagger Jagger’.

Cher Lloyd won the title of “Best solo female artist” in 2008 at the Pop Idol competition in Worcestershire.

Cher has two pet dogs, Misti and Barbie.

She hates cats.

Cher had her first kiss at the age of 14.

Cher Lloyd rose to fame when she came fourth place in the 7th series of The X Factor.

Cher has a scar on her forehead from a car crash when she was younger.

She is afraid of the dark.

She is not a fan of horror movies.

Her favorite film is Hocus Pocus.

Lloyd has a tattoo of a bird and a cage in memory of her uncle Edward Smith, who died of a drug overdose at 34.

She also has a tattoo on her finger that says “SHH…”.

Cher Lloyd does not have a Facebook account.

Cher’s old Twitter profile was @_SKANKKK_.

Cher’s first Tweet was ‘Hello everyone X!’.

Britney Spears wrote “Talkin’ That” for Cher.

Lily Allen defended Cher during a Tweet war against Dan Wootton.

She prefers One Direction over The Wanted.

Liam Payne has visited Cher’s home and met her family.

Cher doesn’t like Louis Walsh.

She is a huge fan of Ed Sheeran and even has his phone number.

Cher thinks Christmas songs are “too cheesy” and said she won’t write any Christmas songs.

Her favorite vegetable is a parsnip!

She loves Chinese food.

‘Cher’ means ‘Dear’ in French.

Cher Lloyd won the title of “Best solo female artist” in 2008 at the Pop Idol's competition in Worcestershire.

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    her birthday is 8 days after mine

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    cher lloyd is my best friend since 6th grade

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    I luv Cher Lloyd she’s 1 of my favorite singers. like this if you like Cher 2!!!!

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