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If you want to know some fun and interesting facts about Seth Macfarlane’s American Dad! Look no further, here’s the top 28 facts!

American Dad! was created by Seth Macfarlane (the creator of Family Guy and The Cleveland Show).

American Dad! is a situational comedy based animation.

Many of the opening gags have been satirical pokes at American society.

The show is owned by Underdog Production and Fuzzy Door Productions.

This show is associated with 20th Century Fox.

The show began on February 6, 2005.

There have been sixteen seasons aired as of February 2020.

There have been many crossovers with Family Guy and The Cleveland Show.

The head of the family is Stan Smith – a Republication CIA agent.

His wife is ditzy Francine Smith. Their daughter Hayley is a political activist. Steve, their son, is a stereotypical nerd.

The family lives with alcoholic, disguise wearing Roger the alien.

Pet fish Klaus has the brain of an East German Olympic ski jumper.

The family lives at 43 Cherry Street, in Langley Falls.

Stan had terrible acne as a teenager, and after trying an experimental drug, his hair fell out. He now wears a toupee.

Stan was a keen figure skater in his youth. He rekindled this passion with Francine and Roger.

Francine is the adoptive daughter of the Chinese family, the Lings. Her real parents abandoned her to get First Class plane tickets.

Francine was a member of “The Ladybugs” society group, until she refused to have an affair. She was saved thanks to her friend Linda’s passionate kiss.

Hayley has a tendency to go on rampages when her relationships die. This began in elementary school.

Hayley was brainwashed by the CIA to be a sleeper agent for a father-daughter team with Stan. She turned on Stan (her handler) and shot him.

Steve was given performance enhancing drugs. This made him grow breasts.

Steve published a book called, Roger the Alien. He divorced himself from his family and friends to live in a mansion.

Roger came from Area 51, where he was rescued by Stan. He has lived in the family’s attic for four years.

Roger nearly died when he was too nice. His species thrive on rude comments.

Klaus owed money to the East German Mafia. He got Roger to pose as him, to avoid the beating.

Klaus gained the body of a black man to run away with Francine. The body was damaged and he was returned to a fish body.

Stan’s boss is Avery Bullock, who is voiced by Sir Patrick Stewart, OBE.

Greg Corbin and Terry Bates are a gay couple, who live next to Stan.

Barry, Snot and Toshi have been Steve’s best friends since they were toddlers.

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