Proboscis monkeys have the longest noses of all primates, here’s some interesting facts about the strange-looking species of monkeys. If you aren’t keen on reading, scroll to the bottom to watch the video!

  1. The primate world contains some pretty odd specimens, but perhaps none more strange-looking than the Proboscis monkeys.
  2. Proboscis means nose, which explains their name, as the noses on the males of this species are clownishly large.
  3. These unique monkeys inhabit the island of Borneo in southern Asia and nowhere else on the planet.
  4. Their over-sized noses allow the male Proboscis monkeys to make loud bellowing noises to warn of predators or to attract mates.
  5. The other notable feature of these monkeys is there protruding stomachs, which allow them to digest their primary food of unripe fruits.
  6. Proboscis monkeys can most often be found in the trees of swamps, or sometimes swimming across the rivers of the jungle.
  7. Females become sexually mature at 5 years old.
  8. They are known to leap from high branches and into water.
  9. Males weigh on average 20kg, whereas females weigh roughly half as much as the males.
  10. Many of the monkey’s toes are webbed, but not all of them.