We chew chewing gum, and we blow bubbles out of bubble gum, apart from that, what are the other differences between these two products? Well the main difference with bubble gum and chewing gum is the ingredients in them, bubble gum has a few ingredients which make it thicker so that it will stretch and hold together when bubbles are blown.

Chewing gum goes as far back as the Ancient Greeks and the Mayans; they chewed natural plants like masticas and chicle to refresh their breath.

Packaged chewing gum has been available in shops since the 1800s. Chewing gum generally lasts a while, releasing flavour slowly over time, this way it is more enjoyable. There’s also chewing gum which helps to keep your teeth clean. You are not supposed to swallow chewing gum as it can stay in your system for a very long time.

Bubble gum was first in our shops in 1906 but due to the imperfection of the ingredients, it was not very popular. When bubble gum was perfected, it finally became more popular to mainly teenagers. The reason for this is because it is stretches more than chewing gum, and it doesn’t leave a mess on your face if a bubble bursts.

Both bubble gum and chewing gum are normally sweetened and many companies add a type of flavouring to their gum. The main flavour chewing gum is mint, but it’s possible to find flavours such as watermelon and liquorice. There are usually more bubble gum flavours than chewing gum, for example you can get strawberry, blueberry, grape and many more. Some companies have added extra ingredients to their gum like caffeine, which helps people to stay awake easier.

So there’s not that much of a difference really, you chew both of them, they’re both there to freshen your breath, and they both come in a variety of flavours. I don’t really know what the limits are for bubble gum flavours; whether you can get funkier than fruit… what’s the weirdest flavour you’ve tried before?