The Most Common Street Names In The UK

Written by: Luke Ward
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Last updated: July 3, 2020

High Street, Station Road, and Main Street are among the U.K.'s most popular street names.

High Street - Most Common Road Name In UK

So, I was on a one hour bus journey today, it was rather boring, so I decided to look for funny street names. Whilst looking, I saw three roads called Church Road, which made me wonder what the most common road name is.

So here goes! Here’s a list of the UK’s 50 most popular street names.

High Street

Station Road

Main Street

Park Road

Church Road

Church Street

London Road

Victoria Road

Green Lane

Manor Road

Church Lane

Park Avenue

The Avenue

The Crescent

Queens Road

New Road

Grange Road

Kings Road


Windsor Road

Highfield Road

Mill Lane

Alexander Road

York Road

St. John’s Road

Main Road


King Street

The Green

Springfield Road

George Street

Park Lane

Victoria Street

Albert Road


New Street

Queen Street

West Street

North Street

Manchester Road

The Grove

Richmond Road

Grove Road

South Street

School Lane

The Drive

North Road

Stanley Road

Chester Road

Mill Road

One street name I’d like to see would be one called “The Road”, I’m pretty sure there is one, but I’ve never seen one.

If you live near “The Road” please take a pic and let me know!

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  1. Kenneth Lawson January 23, 2018

    I live in station road the second most popular street name I am curious to know how many station roads there are in the UK does anyone know approximately how many?

  2. David Bell November 9, 2017

    I’ve seen a The Lane, but not The Road… can’t remember where. On the A21 down to Hastings there’s a turn off to Crazy Lane.

  3. Will Tiley February 22, 2017

    How common is Frog End?

    I’ve come across it a lot.

  4. Joy January 6, 2016

    That’s an Awesome list !

  5. Luke Ward September 9, 2009

    Wow, that’s amazing! Please take a pic of it for me!