A Brief History Of Lucozade

History of Lucozade



Lucozade is a drink created in the UK and is sold all over Britain. It was invented in 1927 by William Walker Hunter, a pharmacist from Newcastle.

You say Glucozade, I say Lucozade.

Several Lucozade bottles in original packaging.

Thomas made this drink out of glucose syrup to provide a source of energy to people who were ill. So, it stands to reason that Lucozade’s original name was Glucozade until 1929 when they removed the first letter from its name.

The product continued to increase in sales with just a few minor changes along the way here and there.

By the 1950s Lucozade’s slogan began to change from “Lucozade aids recovery” to “Lucozade replaces lost energy.”

With this change, people started perceiving Lucozade as an everyday drink, not just as something to make you feel better.

By the 1980s, Lucozade underwent a complete rebrand, positioning itself as a sports drink.

Lucozade’s many products & advertising success.

A packet of Lucozade Energy tablets.

In 1985 Lucozade increased its product range for consumers by releasing their tablet form.

And then in 1987, two brand new flavors were developed bringing zest to their original recipe. They were orange and lemon.

It’s got to be said though – Lucozade Orange is obviously the best out of the two!

In 1996, their packaging and logo completely changed, which dramatically increased the value of UK sales to almost £75 million in just five years, this was over triple of the sales it was getting before.

With bundles of money in the bank, Lucozade then created an additional two flavors; Tropical and Wild Berry.

After even more successful advertising campaigns back 2003 they then release their apple flavor.

As the famous saying goes “It’s all in the advertising”.

Lucozade Sport – For healthy people!

Four bottles of Lucozade drinks in four different flavors.

Since then, Lucozade has gone healthy and created Lucozade Sport.

This comes in a few different flavors and has also been incredibly successful and can be widely seen at many sporting events across the globe!

The amount of caffeine in one 380ml bottle of Lucozade is equal to what you would have in a cup of tea, which is about 46mg.


Oh and one last fact that it says on the bottles: “Lucozade is not appropriate for replacing the fluid lost during diarrhoea“.

So, you’ve been warned, you can’t sue now!

As Lucozade Energy continues in its success they regularly introduce many new flavors to suit everyone.

Which one will you pick; Cherry, Cola, Blackcurrant, Caribbean Crush, Mixed Berries or Pink Lemonade?

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