Facts About Candy Corn

A Brief History of Candy Corn

Is there any other candy that says “Halloween” as much as candy corn? Every adult and every child recognizes this multi-colored sweet treat!

Read on for a brief history of candy corn – and some interesting facts you probably didn’t know.

Candy corn has been around since 1880.

Adults will find the still popular candy to be the exact same as when they were children, no matter how old they are.
This is because the original version hasn’t changed one bit since 1880 when it was first made.

The only difference is the way it’s made; originally, candy corn was made by hand.

Who created candy corn?

George Renninger of the Wunderlee Candy Company was the creator of this concoction and it did well!

But when Goelitz Candy Company took it over in 1898, it really became popular under the name of “Chicken Feed.”

The same company changed its name in 2001, to the more familiar “Jelly Belly Candy Company”, but it still makes candy corn.

Is candy corn healthy?

At barely over three and a half calories per kernel, candy corn isn’t the worst candy you can eat.

However, considering that around 8.3 billion pieces were sold in 2001, we can assume that most people did not stop at one piece.

The amount keeps climbing; while 8.3 billion pieces meant a weight of 20 million pounds in 2001, now the National Confectioners Association estimates that 35 million pounds (over 9,000 metric tons) of candy corn are sold annually.

Other versions of candy corn…

Three quarters of all candy corn made is bought during the Halloween season, but there are other versions, like Indian corn, which is brown & white with chocolate and vanilla flavors.

Many holidays have their own version of candy corn.

There is pastel colored corn for Easter, and red, white and green for Christmas.

Candy apple, green apple, pumpkin and carrot corn are some of the variations that have been recently introduced.

With all of these offerings, the Halloween version with its yellow, orange and white colors and original flavor still tops the list in sales.


The popularity of candy corn has as much to do with what it signifies as it does with its flavor.

It’s met with nostalgia now and what parent can deny their child something they have enjoyed themselves?

The various colors and flavors make it fit in with many celebrations throughout the year, but it’s special shape appeals to adults and children alike and it still symbolizes autumn and Halloween like no other candy.

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