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If Connor Ball is your favorite member of the popular British pop rock band, The Vamps, then get to know him more with these 30 fun facts!

His full name is Connor Samuel John Ball.

Connor Ball is 28 years old. He was born on March 15, 1996.

Connor’s star sign is Pisces.

He was born in Aberdeen, Scotland.

He moved to Birmingham when he was young where he grew up.

Connor Ball’s favorite color is blue.

His mother is called Kelly.

His father’s name is Simon.

He has a younger brother called Lewie.

Connor is only 5ft 6, which makes him the shortest member of The Vamps.

He is the bass player in the band, as well as singing backing vocals.

Connor has a pet hamster called Harry.

He also has a pet lizard called Rex.

Connor was the last member to join The Vamps.

The boys say that Connor is the best dancer out of the group.

Connor Ball fell off the stage at Taylor Swift‘s London O2 Arena show, although his arm was in a sling, he didn’t break anything and he did see the funny side to it!

Connor has a fear of moths.

Connor’s a very fussy eater.

He started playing the guitar when he was twelve years old.

Connor is allergic to nuts.

Connor sleeps the most out of all the boys.

His top two musical influences are You Me At Six and All Time low.

You Me At Six was also the first concert that Connor went to.

Whilst staying at a hotel in Manchester, five fans managed to walk into Connor & James’ room whilst they were both naked. Connor said ‘We got them out very quickly. We were a bit scared”.

Along with James, Connor’s geekiest obsession is playing World of Warcraft.

He once bought a broken laptop from eBay… unlucky!

Connor’s plan for a zombie apocalypse would be to either go to a B&Q, or Asda.

Connor covered the Pokémon theme tune which he uploaded to YouTube on February 9, 2012, since then it has had over 25,000 views.

Connor Ball joined Twitter in February 2012.

His official Twitter profile is @TheVampsCon.

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