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If Tristan Evans is your favorite member of the young, attractive, British pop-rock band, The Vamps, you’re going to love these fun facts about Tris!

His full name is Tristan Oliver Vance Evans.

Tristan Evans is 29 years old. He was born on August 15, 1994.

His star sign is Leo.

He was born in Devon, England.

He has one sister called Milly.

He also has a brother called James.

Tristan has two pet horses and a rabbit.

When Tristan was younger, he used to ride horses.

He plays the drums in The Vamps.

He enjoys watching the television show 90210.

He owns a tiger onesie!

Tristan has admitted he would like to date an older woman.

Tristan Evans twerks to try and impress a girl.

Tristan started playing the drums when he was 7 years old.

In 2010 he won the ‘Young Drummer of the Year’ award.

As well as the drums, he can also play the guitar and piano.

After watching The Lion King as a child, Tristan was running through the house roaring!

In April 2014, Tristan Evans had his mobile phone stolen whilst he was on a plane, the phone ended up in Mumbai, India.

Bradley decides when Tristan needs a shave!

Tristan’s favorite color is orange.

Along with Brad and James, Tristan has also modeled for Saint Kidd.

Tristan went to a Rihanna concert in Finland.

Tristan admitted he would love to date Demi Lovato, he calls her “a goddess”.

Tristan is 6ft tall.

Tristan’s celebrity crush is Iggy Azalea.

He says that his favorite ice cream is Twister.

Tristan is a massive fan of Blink 182 and Linkin Park – he has good taste!

One of his favorite films is Avatar, which was released in 2009.

One of his favorite songs is ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ by Aerosmith.

His Twitter profile is @TheVampsTristan.

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