The Most Common Birthday Day

Approximately 690,000 Americans have the shared birthday of October 5th.

    What is the most popular day to be born on? This question has been asked many times over the internet, but not really answered. is one of the only reliable sources that have given an answer with a reason as to why this could be.

    The Most Common Birthday

    In 2001 some researchers asked 12,576 Americans in a survey when their birthday was.

    The results came out as October 5th is the most common date where most people are born.

    This works out to be approximately 690,000 Americans with the shared birthday of October 5th.

    This is the main theory about why this is the most common birthday, which is: To be born on this date, a baby would most likely have been conceived on New Year’s Eve – which makes sense really.

    So if you’re birthday is actually on this date, you have to leave a comment!

    The Least Common Birthday

    The survey also found that the most uncommon day to be born on is May 22nd.

    May is classed as a lucky month to be born on, so if you’re born on 22nd, you’re extra lucky in my opinion!

    Please share this if you know other people who share this birthday, and happy birthday to all you October 5’s!

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