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Approximately 690,000 Americans have the shared birthday of October 5th.

What is the most popular day to be born on? This question has been asked many times over the internet, but not really answered. is one of the only reliable sources that have given an answer with a reason as to why this could be.

The Most Common Birthday

In 2001 some researchers asked 12,576 Americans in a survey when their birthday was.

The results came out as October 5th is the most common date where most people are born.

This works out to be approximately 690,000 Americans with the shared birthday of October 5th.

This is the main theory about why this is the most common birthday, which is: To be born on this date, a baby would most likely have been conceived on New Year’s Eve – which makes sense really.

So if you’re birthday is actually on this date, you have to leave a comment!

The Least Common Birthday

The survey also found that the most uncommon day to be born on is May 22nd.

May is classed as a lucky month to be born on, so if you’re born on 22nd, you’re extra lucky in my opinion!

Please share this if you know other people who share this birthday, and happy birthday to all you October 5’s!

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  1. My birthday is October 5th and my daughter’s is October 21st. We usually just skip my birthday and go straight to hers (she’s still in Elementary School).

  2. 10.5 my birthday.
    10.4 my wife’s birthday
    We always celebrate at midnight between 4/5

  3. My birthday is Oct 5 1969 n I have 2 older cousins that share my birthday

  4. I was born on September 21st! December Conception huh? OH!! That’s Special!

  5. Two of my three children are born on October 5th. I always heard that October 5th was the most common birthday, however on the morning news today they said that it was September 16th…

  6. Both myself and my eldest daughter were born on Friday, May 16th – 17 years apart! My first grandson’s EDD is also May 16th!

  7. And thinking about it, my conceive date was one day before the year of 2000, pretty cool!

  8. Ah it’s October 5th and I’m turning 16 today! It’s awesome to have the world’s most common birthday! Just makes me think, what my parents were doing on new years!?!?

  9. My birthday is October 5, 1999. But, I’m still under the impression that September 16 is the most common birth date.

  10. hey guys, i also was born on 5th october…happy b’day in advance 2 all of us…

  11. I was born on October 5th and I have 4 friends and two close relatives with the same birthday!!!

  12. My firstborn, beautiful daughter Leba graced our lives on October 5. Happy Birthday my love. Wishing Leba all that’s glorious and life enriching in this world. You are more wonderful each year.
    Your Dad

  13. Yep that’s me! Oct 5 is my B-Day! Mommy and daddy got a special treat on that day. LOL

  14. My son was born on Oct 5, 2002. He turns 12 this year. And yes…I do remember New Year’s Eve 2001.

  15. My birthday is 10/5/50. Easy to remember. Happy upcoming birthday to you all.

  16. My birthday is October 5th. My sister always said it was the most common. I didn’t believe her until now. ;)

  17. Why did I enter here hoping my birth day is one of the least common when it is the most common? 5th october, yeeey.

  18. I was born May 22 and it was a one night stand alcohol involved! Haha

  19. I was born October 5th and I know I was conceived New Year’s Eve. TMI!

  20. So basically we are all drunken mistakes if we are born on 05.10.
    Thaks for that lol

  21. You all should feel lucky to share your Bday with me;) lol

  22. one of my cousins was also born this day as was her dad and another cousins hubby was born this day also

  23. My Daughter was born on October 5th 2007; so she is almost 6 now. She wasnt concieved on New Years but on January 6th – i know this to be fact………..her EDD was October 9th

  24. Wow my b day is June 4 th . I’m really unique

  25. May 7th!! woop woop! I know 4 other people with my b-day! :)

  26. I was born May 15th. No one is born in May =(

  27. I am an October 5 baby, and I was born on my Dad’s birthday! Guess I know what my parents AND grandparents were doing on New Year’s Eve!!!

  28. I was actually born on this date. I am also a statistics professor. I think you may want to check on the fact that 690,000 people in the United States have a birthday of October 5. If that were the case then since there is 300,000,000 people in the US, that would translate to 690,000/300,000,000 as the likelihood of a baby being born on that date. This is a probability of .0023. If every child in the US had an equal probability of being born on any date (365 days) that would mean a probability of 1/365, which is .0027. A bigger probability than your numbers suggest for a birthdate on October 5. Maybe it is a typo, but the numbers don’t work. Thought you ought to know.

  29. My son is born on Oct. 5th. He was a planned c-section. We didn’t conceive New Year’s Eve. I know this for sure because my husband and I saw each other once mid January. We were in the process of moving. They took my son at 38 weeks because I had complications. I think it is funny how he has such a common birthday. My brother and best friend share the birthday Oct 6th.

  30. I have a good friend that I grew up with that was born on October 5th! I’ll have to let him know that he was born on the most common day of the year! Most likely a result of New Years! ;-)

  31. I’m an Oct 5th baby, 27 years strong snd counting!!!

  32. im sorry about that Rcs4vols and thats weird very !!!!! maybe you have an very unlucky day and that day is your birthday. my birthday is like in the summer and my last birthday went very well i went to this pub its called tafarn and the trap . to celebrate my birthday i went on a caravan holiday a few days after my birthday . that was my 9th birthday what season is your birthday and who died on your 17th birthday

  33. My birthday is February 29th, 1996….I have to celebrate it on the 1st of March usually, it’s strange though, legally I’m 16 but astronomically I’m like 4! Ha….my parent’s didn’t even tell me when my real birthday was until I was like 12 ha. I think it’d be interesting if they we had just literally counted 365 days after my birth and celebrated it on a different day each year! (At least i think that’s how it’d work?) Idk! Ha, But I’ve been looking it up on the internet researching about it, kinda interesting for me!

  34. MY BIRTHDAY IS OCTOBER 5th!!!! :DDDD Epic Win!!!!!

  35. My little sister was born 5. 22 at 5.22 pm! What a coincidence eh?

  36. wow, i actually know someone with a birthday on October 5 ! May 22nd ? no, actually i know three people born on May 21st ! one day too early. as for myself, i was born on May 15z i can honestly say that i have never met anyone with the same birthday ! (:

  37. I know a girl whose born may 22nd.. hate her guts though,, sooo this was kinda a let down

  38. my birthday is may 22! and i know 3 other people with the same one…strange that its the most uncommon. i think thats 2009 info maybe

  39. I see the October 5th date thrown out as the most common birthdate in a number of places…with (sorry, Luke) no specific citation for supporting that date. Most note that it would likely mean conception on January 1. I’m thinking that somewhere along the line, someone whimsically did the math from January 1 and decided that October 5 must be the date. This table from the December 19, 2006 New York Times (citing Amitabh Chandra, economist, Professor of Public Policy, and Director of Health Policy Research at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government as its source) tells a very different story:

  40. I see the October 5th date thrown out as the most common birthdate in a number of places…with (sorry, Luke) no specific citation for supporting that date. Most note that it would likely mean conception on January 1. I’m thinking that somewhere along the line, someone whimsically did the math from January 1 and decided that October 5 must be the date. This table from the December 19, 2006 New York Times (citing Amitabh Chandra, economist, Professor of Public Policy, and Director of Health Policy Research at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government as its source) tells a very different story.

  41. My birthday is May 24. I didn’t realize that being born in May was lucky. May 22nd would be luckier, but I like my birthday! :)

    Today’s my birthday!!! Yay!

  42. my birthday today 23rd..of course the 22nd would b luckier!!

  43. Today is my brother’s birthday 5/22 so happy birthday

  44. Hi there Sarah, that’s a lovely name, by the way (I’ve always found it to be the most beautiful female name in existance). Anyways, I think it’s pretty cool and amazing that your birthday is the same as your grandfather’s. And I thought that my one niece and I being exactly three years and three months apart was amazing.

  45. I’m another rare May 22 birth here. Although I heard that December 25 was actually even less common.

  46. mine is also May 22. Stumbled across this. How about that.

  47. Mine is May 22. also never found any one else who has that birthday.

  48. My girlfriends is the 22nd of May. Awesome. :)

  49. My birthday is November 9th 1992, I also know 6 other people with the same birthday!

  50. My birthday is May 22nd 1992! I’ve only ever met one other person sharing my birthday, but i know Maggie Q was born on May 22nd as well. (=

  51. October 5th, and getting a dinner reservation on that date is impossible.

  52. My Birthday’s November 9th. I dont know anyone who shares a birthday with me.
    I know 7 people born on 22nd of December, so that has to be quite common!

  53. I was born may22nd 1979…I’m pretty uncommon I must say;)

  54. Yay! My birthdays May 22nd! I didn’t realize it was so rare.

  55. My birthday is on May 23rd, would I still be lucky? Haha

  56. my birthday is th 6th October so very close, but is that a common day or not

  57. hahhahaha my birthday is on october 5th! im tweleve

  58. Well I have no come back then! BOTH my sons are born on October the 5th! New years eve is only two days before hubby’s badly though!

  59. It’s not that bad! I was born on the same b-day and I love it!!!!

  60. APRIL 10!!
    I legit know like 30 other people with the same birthday! :p

  61. I have to assume that you’ve seen this article by now given that it’s 5 years old, but the NY Times used a Harvard University source who went through US birth records from 1973 to 1999 to rank all birthdays 1-366 in popularity. October 5th came in 79th. 1st place was September 16. May 22 was 141st. The least popular were 2/29 (pretty obvious choice), 12/25, and 1/1. Days directly surrounding Christmas and New Year’s were also quite uncommon, as was Independence Day. I have to assume this isn’t the best way to predict worldwide birthdays, given that different countries/religions are going to have different days that they’re going to give birth around/induce labor before/etc. But this does give a good picture of your birthday relative to other Americans.


  62. My birthday is on October 5th too. So is my friend’s, my cousin’s, and my teachers! lol

  63. My b-day… is on April 1st. I’m not even joking. Extra lucky, right? Wrong!

  64. My due date was April 1st but I decided to come on April 4th…. I know 6 friends having the same B-day as me!!!

  65. Mines May 27th!:) My best friends bday is October 5th but other than her I don’t know anyone else with that date

  66. my daughters due date was October 4th! she decided not to wait that long and entered the world on september 23rd instead.

  67. My birthday is may 25 & I’ve never met anyone else with this birthday. Also I know at least 20 people with birthdays on feburary 28

  68. You have a very good point there actually. I know when first writing this post, we did check to see if any of the large social networking sites had any sort of statistics available, but sadly they didn’t. I may take another look, and if I find anything different from what is said in the above post, I’ll make an update to it.

  69. A sample is too small … if you make a study on other group of 12,576 another date could easily come out. Facebook could probably give some more relevant data out from their database, taking millions of humans from all around the world in count.

  70. Sorry, I don’t quite understand what you are saying. The researchers carried out the study on 12,576 Americans, and found this to be the most common birthday among them.

  71. My grandfather and my husband’s grandmother were born on Oct 5th! I was born on Oct 10th… and my niece (who was DEFINITELY conceived on New Year’s Eve) was born on Oct 3rd :)

  72. my birthday is October 1 but the most common birth date for me is october 4.. i know at least ten people having birthday that day!

  73. I was born on feb 29th I think that is the single luckiest day of all :)

  74. I am so happy my birthday is on “May 22nd because its an uncommon day to be born on and I always felt that day was special!!!! :) lucky me. Yay

  75. epic im born on the 26th of aug! ive never met anyone else!

  76. My birthday is Oct 5 and I know at least 7 others with this birthday.

  77. My birthday day is Oct 5th & I have never met another person with it.

  78. im october 9th but my mum said i was concieved on new years eve! and i know 6 people just from my school alone with my birthday, its so common!

  79. funny i know 3 people born on May 22nd and no one Oct 5th except an actress I like

  80. This is my birthday but I have NEVER met anyone who shares my birthday date!

  81. dated a guy who’s B-day was Oct 5th. Mine is May go broke two times ayear May and December both months are full of B-days in my family. My daughters are both born in Aug (14 &26)

  82. I don’t know anyone with an October 5th birthday, but I was thrilled to see that my birthday, May 22nd, is considered so special!

  83. My son was born Oct. 5th 2008, but was 6 weeks early, so no NYE conception. A friend of mine is also an Oct. 5th baby AND a friends daughter was born on Oct. 5th.

  84. My nephew and next door neighbor are both born on November 5th!!!

  85. wow. i was born on august 12th.But i think all in all that its a coincidience. or maybe not..

  86. My bday is on November 5th…. Too bad. But I still love November! Happy Belated Birthday to the October 5th bdays !!!!! (Also to the November 5ths). Tehe :)

  87. Oct 5th for me too – I meet a lot of people with this date or anytime within 2 weeks of it.

  88. I am an October 5th baby! I have met so many people with my birthday which is why I googled it!

  89. My birthday is oct 5th too! I had no idea. I can’t think of anyone else I know who has my birthday…It’s pretty cool to think I have such a common birthday

  90. I was born on OCTOBER 5TH!!!!! I find the fact that Oct. 5 is the most common date to be born on. I have NEVER met anyone else with my birthday. Pleased to meet you all!!!

  91. I was born on oct 5th, and I am shocked to hear this… Though it does make sense

  92. My son was born on October 5th, but I know for a fact that he was conceived on Sunday, January 27th. His due date was the 20th; so he was 15 days early… So if the 5th would have been his due date, then he would have been conceived on the 12th.

  93. Actually, the government keeps track of this info and publishes National Vital Statistics Reports every year detailing most popular month, day, fertility rates, ages of mothers, etc.for the year in which the data is compiled (it’s often several years behind). As of their latest report, the most common day is Tuesday and the most popular month in September.

  94. Ummm… please note that’s data is suspect, and in fact a Harvard/New York Times study shows September 16th to be the most popular birthdate. Of course, maybe that study is flawed, too, but be aware that the “October 5th” claim as the most popular may be more myth and wishful-thinking than fact.

  95. Well, I was actually born on Oct 6, but my due date was oct 4 (on a leap year, 1980)… I feel I fit in this category :)

  96. My son just celebrated his 21st birthday on October 5th!! Happy Belated Birthday to all who share this awesome birthdate!

  97. I became a grandma (nan) for the first time on October 5th. My grandson is also an edition to this stat.

  98. I turned 36 on Oct 5th. Belated Happy Birthday to all who share this special day.

  99. Thrilled to tell my sis, that my beautiful niece, who is just 5days old, is the newest edition to this neat statistic!!

  100. I know of 4 on my birthday, Oct 5th! Myself, Phil, Julinna, and Schemp from the 3 stooges

  101. My theory about October births is that in most of North America it is cold in January. So is this fact reversed in countries south of the equator or is October 5 the most common birthday WORLDWIDE?

  102. My birthday is september 1st so am i lucky, not lucky, or average?

  103. I turned 16 yesterday!!!!! its nice to know my parents got down with it for the new year…. actually its gross but its whatever

  104. My Daughter`s Birthday so works in Canada as well. Kimberly 28 yrs old!!!

  105. Yep, my birthday was yesterday (31st b-day), and I had some friends share this fact with me. I also happen to be a statistician, so I find this particular random fact interesting. :-)

  106. I’m 31 on October 5th along with my twin sister…it’s the best day ever!! I knew I was extra special! LOL

  107. My sisters birthday is October 5th and mine is new years eve.Talk about funny.

  108. Happy Birthday, Ted! I didn’t know I conceived you on New Year’s. I’m glad I have a fine son!

  109. my frend is 11 today happy bday sara and everyone else and i guessed rite it is today

  110. yep I’m a 10/5 baby & I have 3 cousins & a few friends that have the same B-day Happy Birthday to all that share

  111. My Birthday is oct 5th too!! turned 30 today! woohoo!

  112. You can on facebook! Just like the link above under the article The Most Common Birthday Day… I just did and it worked! x

  113. its my birthdayyy today :):) happy birthday too all the other OCtober 5thers!

  114. Kimerly-Today is my 33th birthday. I know four other people who share the same birthday with me!!!!

  115. Today is my birthday and im glad to know that there are a lot of people that can share this great day too

  116. It’s my birthday! I rather not think of my parents’ new years’ celebration when I was conceived though!

  117. its my bday && happy bday to all the other people w/ my birthday lol

  118. 10-5-65. never had any idea it was the most common birthday

  119. Happy B-day to all my fellow 10-5-?? people, hope your day is a special one

  120. Today is my Birtday and i never knew this fact.. pretty interesting!! Happy Birthday my fellow libras

  121. My Birthday is today as well!! Happy Birthday to you all as well!

  122. My bday today! I always felt there were so many people born this day…now I know why!

  123. its my birthday today, Turned 19. wow didnt know this until today!

  124. Happy Birthday To All You October 5th Commoners…lol (as for most Common B-Day), No dis intended :-)

  125. 10/05 birthday guess parent’s were doing the bedroom limbo on New Years ringing in the 90s!

  126. Today is my birthday! I guess I’m not as special as I thought, lol. Happy Birthday to the rest of the 690,000 of you anyways.

  127. My 30th Birthday TODAY! I was born in 1981 and have only met 2 people in my life with the same birthday…

  128. my 30 year B-day today…. yes, i was born 5th Oct, 1981 !!!! didnt know it was so common !!! awesooooome :) happy B-day to me !!!

  129. I was born Oct. 5, 1967. I know 2 other people from my town and a niece who also have Oct. 5 birthdays and I have 2 cousins who are Oct. 3 and 7.

  130. I don’t do facebook but I have my birthday today as well as another coworker that I know and a friend’s son. 47 and counting
    can hardly wait for 50 and get AARP and senior discounts!

  131. I conceived on New Year’s Eve and my due date was Sept. 25th, but had my baby Sept. 15th. That was 8years ago.

  132. I was born Oct 5, 1974! My brother was also conceived on New Years Eve but he can early and is an August baby! But the best thing is, my husband was born on Oct 7th so we got married on the 6th. Three days of partying for me!!!!!!!

  133. Born 10-05-1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the same week that Johnny Carson had his debut on the Tonight show!

  134. 10-5-55 – my daughter is 10-6-86 also know several people who share this date

  135. My son was born on October 5th. He is 4 today. I am a proud mama.

  136. October 5, 1983! But my mother likes to remind me I was born two weeks overdue, so more likely I was a Christmas present…

  137. Why can’t we share this article????? I’d like to post it :(

  138. My baby girl’s first birthday is today! And yes, your math about conception would be correct…

  139. Oct 5th 1969… best day and year!! ;) I am a twin.. my sister and I figured out the timing of this when we were around 11 or so and told mom and dad “We know what you were doing on New Years Eve!!!” LOL I have 3 friends with Birthday’s on the same day and several friends who’s Birthday’s fall in the same week.

  140. My b-day is Oct 5 1981. 30 years old! My dad’s birthday was the 4th of Oct and so is his sister’s. I share my birthday with a cousin and my great-grandma.

  141. 10-05-1964, Happy Birthday To Me and to all of my fellow Librans!

  142. 10/5/70. And I have a twin . . . and I have a college friend who was also born on 10/5/70.

  143. October 5th babies ROCK. Happy birthday to my fellow Librans!

  144. My son will be 6 Tom. He’s born on October 5th 2005!
    Happy Birthday everyone!!

  145. 10/5/70. Not only are Libras to coolest, but born on the 5th, what more need I say?

  146. Oct 5th 1967.. But Sept 23rd 2011 is the birthday of my son,,so that takes precedent.. But still a libra!

  147. WOOT WOOT!!! Turning 16 tomorrow. October 5th 1995! (: Aw yeah.

  148. your not special your the least special cuz so many people are born on your berthday im special cuz i was born on may 22

  149. my birthday is tomorrow you guys i’ll be 15 can get my permit in about 3 hours yeahhhhhhh!

  150. My birthday is Oct 5…. and is divisible by 5 :-)….

  151. That makes sense. My husband and I share the same birthday…and it’s October 5th!

  152. 61 tomorrow. I know only 1 friend and no family members born on Oct 5th.

  153. Cctober 5th 1960, Wednesday I’ll turn 51,
    Kind of disapointed I share this day with so many people. I thought it was MY day.

  154. According to the widely-used due-date calculator, conceiving on New Years Eve would give you a baby on October 7th.

  155. Ive known this fact for a while now. Every year I tease my parents that I know what they were up to new years eve 1969!

  156. My birthday is OCTOBER 5 and my Mother’s birthday is MAY 22nd….Weird :)

  157. October 4, 2011
    As I celebrate my 71st birthday today, I counted how many people I know or know of, that also have a birthday today. There are four from my graduation class and four from the church I belong to. So that got me to think about what IS the date when most people were born. To my amazement, I found out from this website, that it is October 5!

  158. Me, too. I was born on October 5th. But I am not an American. LOL

  159. My birthday is also the 5th, along with my friend’s dad, my mom’s boss and my mom’s bosses niece :P

  160. As a person born on May 22, I have to admit…..most people declare me to be pretty darn lucky. LOL!

  161. My father’s B-day is Oct5th and my grandmother (on my mom’s side) is Oct 4th. Always thought that was unusual, now I know the chances are much better than I thought. :-)

  162. mine is 21st september. so is my girlfriends, my aunties and my best mates.

  163. This so weird. I was just on facebook and I have 10 friends born today so I looked at this website. I think 15th September is a very popular day.

  164. My birthday is October 5th :D
    Only ever met one person with the same birthday as me.

  165. my birthday is october 5th. glad to know its the most common birthday. i have a 3 cousins born on this day and an uncle so yes it is pretty common

  166. You and my father share the same birthday and mine is the 18th of December!

  167. I have only MET 1 person who shares my birthday, October 5th :) But it’s good to know there’s 690,000 Americans with my Birthday :)

  168. My birthday is October 5th and my younger sister was actually born on my 8th birthday which obviously makes her birthday October 5th as well… :)

  169. my little brother’s birthday is October 5th and mine is dec 31. lol.

  170. June 9th is mine – it’s just such a boring day, but as a kid it was ok,
    Christmas & Birthday every 6 months or so.

  171. I know 3 ppl who’s b-day is july 24th, my mom’s is the 30th, my daughter’s is the 20 and my step dad’s is the 21st.

  172. HEEEYY!!! I haven’t seen one person with my birthday!! My birthday is September 15th!!

  173. Everyone dies on my birthday ); my great grandmother died on my 7th bday my cousin died on my 9th bday & my brothers friend died on my 11th bday & my past 16th bday my best friends mom died on my bday & my bday is in 2 days & I’m curious 2 c who dies?

  174. i was pregnant twice— the due date for both was october 5!

  175. I have the same birthday as Joe from the Jonas Bros. Go August 15th!

  176. my birthday is on the 22nd of may! never even knew it was uncommon.,..

  177. My birthday is October 5th… and I’ve only ever met ONE other person who shared my birthday (and was like 10 years older than me). Go figure.

  178. Very good point and I presume you are correct, actually!

  179. My mom was born August 25! I was born the day before her. ;p

  180. October 5th! I always knew something was up, I know 23 people with my birthday. Including my dad, the creepy thing is that we were born the same time too.

  181. FYI because each month is not four weeks long November 14 isn’t 40weeks after valentines day, sorry.

  182. i was born on the same day as gene simmons, marvin harrison, tim burton, regis philbin, billy cyrus, and blake lively. August 25th represent!

  183. my birthday is june 16, does anyone have that birthday, i know about, let say 4 people with the birthday october 5, 2 people with october 22, and 6 people on halloween, all in two towns, mii hometown dallas, and a small town

  184. Mine is January 9. That’s Snape’s birthday! (He’s from Harry Potter, not the actor)

  185. i was born on Oct. 5th…wasn’t too early and wasn’t too late

  186. meh i was born on Christmas day beat that!!!! (no joke)

  187. My son was born two weeks early on the 5th of October so wasnt conceived on New Years Eve but more likely Burns Night!

  188. My due date was the 5th of October, but I was born a few weeks late on Halloween. The doctor actually had to induce birth, but……. Halloween birthday> all.

  189. I always though my birthday (November 14) would be a popular birthdate because it is EXACTLY 9 months after Valentine’s Day

  190. OMG ! …Cant believe my Bdays the most common birthdaay ! :DD
    This jst made my day haha

  191. It usually takes about 2 weeks to conceive after intercourse, so october 5th is about right.

  192. i thought the least common birthday was february 29

  193. I was born on Nov. 10, but due the 7th. Valentine’s day baby. Great.

  194. gestation is on average between 38-40 weeks(although obviously some of course go over that, and some under); the 10 month gestation period to which you are refering is based on 4 week increments. Pregnancy usually occurs about 10 days to 2 weeks after your last period, but they count the pregnancy from the time of your last period because it is easier to do that, rather than to try and pinpoint which exact day you actually conceived, and that is what brings gestation to 40 weeks/10 months. Oh, and I knew in less than 10 days that I was pregnant with my last child, and there are also pregnancy tests that can detect a pregnancy within 5 days of conception! Before you go around calling other people idiots or calling them confused, you may want to do a little more research yourself and perhaps actually talk with people whom have experience.

  195. gestation is actually 10 months, not 9. people have just confused it because it takes almost a month to realize you’re pregnant. so i beg to differ with you

  196. a baby’s gestation is acually 10 months. and normally most children are born a couple of days after their due date. don’t post a comment unless you know what you’re talking about, idiot.

  197. i don’t know anyone with my birthday..August 29th. :P but, i do know an October 5th baby. (:

  198. If you conceive on December 31, your child’s due date will be September 23. A New Year’s Eve conception will only produce an October 5 baby if the baby is almost 2 weeks late, which is rare.

  199. Know 5 people with may 22nd, none with october 5th =/

  200. So this just crossed my mind to Google the most common birthday, and how crazy to realize that this is the birthdate of my youngest child???? She was not conceived on New Year’s how ever, she was actually do on November 5, and came early.

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