What Is A Hunter’s Moon?

What is a Hunters Moon?



The full moon that occurs at the end of October is called the Hunter’s Moon.

Ancient moon names come from cultural traditions and often reflect seasonal occurrences in nature.

Traditionally naming moons would have been a way to keep track of time, helping to plan the year.

In this article, we will look at what the Hunter’s Moon is and when it occurs.

What is the Hunter’s Moon?

The Hunters Moon in the Northern Hemisphere

The hunter’s moon is the full moon at the end of October.

Generally, it occurs every October; however, it is replaced with the Harvest Moon every three years.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the full moon at the end of October provides light to hunters.

It is the best time of year to start hunting for game.

The full moon acts as an indicator and also provides brighter skies for hunting and seeing prey.

Why call it Hunter’s Moon?

A hunter in front of the Hunters Moon

The Hunter’s Moon obtained its name in the Northern Hemisphere because it was the best time of the year to start hunting.

It is the time of year when animals, particularly mammals and birds, are overeating to prepare for the long winter.

This means that they are fattened and are best for humans to hunt and eat.

It is the best time of year to hunt because, in most areas, the harsh winter weather has not yet fallen, which makes hunting easier.

Animals are usually at peak growth around this time, meaning they have more meat at this time of year.

The bright full moon made hunting easier.

Who first called it Hunter’s Moon?

The Hunters Moon as seen through trees

The lunar cycle was first used as an ancient way of keeping track of the time of year. The lunar calendar allowed people to keep track of time and seasons.

The moon names often came from relevant seasonal events in nature.

The North American tribes referred to it as the Hunter’s Moon as traditionally, this was the time of year best for hunting.

In particular, the Algonquin tribes who lived in New England would have called Octobers moon the Hunter’s Moon.

This was because of the dense and rich forest areas where hunting wild animals were necessary for survival.

Is it always called Hunter’s Moon?

The big bright red Hunters Moon

The Hunter’s Moon is the full moon that occurs at the end of October.

The lunar calendar doesn’t always match up with the calendar we use today, so sometimes the moon’s name changes.

If there is going to be a full moon in October, but at the beginning, then it is called a Harvest moon. This is because it is the closest full moon to the fall equinox.

In other countries, such as England, a common name for October’s moon is a Blood Moon.

Although it has links to hunting, in terms of the blood being shed when an animal is killed, it is called Blood Moon for its looks.

It’s sometimes called the Blood Moon because the Moon and Earth’s position at this time of year means it rises early in the evening.

When the moon is close to the horizon, it can appear redder and gives the illusion of being more prominent.

It appears red because we see it through a thicker atmosphere when it is close to the horizon.

This tends to scatter the blue light, which means more red light passes through to reach our eyes.

In Conclusion

The hunter’s moon occurs when it is time to hunt wild animals.

It comes when animals are fully grown and are at their fattest as they have been eating to survive the harsh winter.

The moon marks the best time to commence hunting, and the brightness makes it easier for long days of hunting.

The Hunter’s Moon only occurs at the end of October. However, once every three years, the full moon of October is the Harvest moon.

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