Do Goldfish Have a Three Second Memory?

How Long Is A Goldfish Memory



A goldfish has a three-second memory, right?

We have all been told that before…

Well in fact no they don’t.

This is just a myth.

This idea was challenged by a study that found that goldfish remember to avoid an area of their tank connected with tiny electronic shocks for at least 24 hours.

Did you know…

A goldfish is the only fish that can see infra-red and ultraviolet light.

Goldfish came from China with several hundred different types developing over the years.

Goldfish naturally live in freshwater ponds with a depth up to 20 meters, which is about 65ft.

The ideal temperatures are between 40 and 90°F, (4 to 40°C). Goldfish do not survive long at higher temperatures than this.

They cannot be mixed with tropical fish, because the temperature would be too high. Goldfish prefer not to be mixed with other fish too.

Goldfish can live up to 10 years although the average is about 5 years.

They can reach the size of six inches.

Goldfish are cold-blooded fish.

They are the most common fish people keep as pets around the world.

They are easy to look after and don’t cost loads to keep.

Goldfish need room to swim; therefore putting them in bowls is not a good idea.

Putting them in a tank with another friendly goldfish is generally a better option than a bowl.

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