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Fainting Goats



Myotonic Goats, which are also known as Fainting Goats, Stiff-leg Goats, Wooden-leg Goats, Nervous Goats and Tennessee Meat Goats are basically goats that faint when they are startled or excited.

Fainting Goats get their name because of a genetic condition called myotonia congenita.

This condition causes the muscles in their legs to cease up for about ten seconds, which results in the goat collapsing.

They can get excited easily… just something like bringing them food could make them fall over!

Don’t worry though, this doesn’t harm the goats at all.

Do Fainting Goats Actually Faint?

Even though a name for them is a fainting goat doesn’t mean they actually faint, they don’t loose consciousness when they fall.

The older myoyonic goats learn to keep upright once startled, therefore not looking quite as silly as the baby goats.

Fainting goats are slightly smaller than your average goat breeds.

Generally they are 43-64cm tall and can weigh from 27 to 79kg.

The males, or bucks, as they are known as can be as heavy as 91kg.

Each October, fainting goats are honored at the “Goats Music and More Festival” which is in Marshall County, Tennessee.

The festival is focused on these type of goats but has various other activities including music, arts and crafts, food and children’s activities.

Sounds like my type of festival!

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