5 Unusual Facts About Pygmy Seahorses

Written by: Luke Ward
Reading time: 3 mins
Last updated: March 17, 2021

Did you know that Pygmy Seahorses are less than an inch long and they can change colors?

Pygmy Seahorse

Pygmy seahorses were first discovered by a scuba diver called George Bargibant in 1969.

Here’s a short video giving some unusual facts about pygmy seahorses.

You can scroll to the bottom to watch the video, or read the facts below.

They’re less than an inch long. They can change color. They’re called Pygmy Seahorses and they’re nearly invisible.

The coloring on the seahorses can vary from bright red to dull gray, depending on the coral to which they anchor.

In order to hold onto the strands of coral, the pygmies have prehensile tails, like some species of land mammals and reptiles.

Though their name and appearance suggest otherwise, pygmy seahorses are a species of bony fish, related to bass or salmon.

Because they are so small and well camouflaged, many seahorses were only discovered within the last ten years, so there is still much to learn about them.

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