Six-Year-Old Boy’s Ears Saves His Life!

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Ming Ming - a six-year-old boy from China, fell from a window only to catch his ears in a metal grate, which saved his life.

    Ming Ming – a six-year-old boy from China – fell from a window only to catch his ears in a metal grate which saved his life! Read the facts!

    The boy was dangling by his ears eight floors above a city street with his head stuck between the protective bars.

    He managed to catch the attention of passers-by below by shouting and screaming.

    There was a crowd gathering below as neighbors and passers-by felt helpless until the emergency services arrived.

    Chinese Kids Ears Saves His Life

    Firemen used a hydraulic pressurised expander to force open the bars and pull the terrified child to safety.

    The accident happened after Ming Ming’s grandfather went out for a short while and left him sleeping in the family flat, when the child woke up, he ended up falling out of the window while looking for his grandfather!

    “He could have fallen to the ground – or have been suffocated – at any minute,” Said Wang Shen who is a Fire service representative, he then went on to describing the escape as miraculous.

    I think it’s amazing how his ears saved his life! This just shows that miracles really do happen once in a while!

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