How Much Time People Spend Doing Stuff In Their Lifetime

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The average person spends five years throughout their lifetime waiting in lines and queues.

In the UK the average life expectancy is 79.5 years old; this is equivalent to 954 months, or 29037 days, or 696882 hours.

I’m going to break down how long the average person spends doing stuff in their lifetimes so that you can make sure you’ve got enough time to do everything that you want to!

On average people spend one-third of their lives asleep, which is 318 months taken up just by laying in bed.

This gives you 636 months left to live.

In the UK it’s the law to stay in education until your 16 years old, although further education is free until the age of 19; so many people take this opportunity to continue onto college for a few years.

This means that the average person spends 15 years in education, doing a standard eight hours per day; excluding weekends – this brings the total to 1305 days, which is 43 months.

This gives you 593 months left to live.

So from the age of 19 when you leave education until 65 when you retire, let’s say you work doing a standard eight-hour per day job, excluding weekends and a week holiday per year, this totals to 128 months of your life you spend working.

This gives you 465 months left to live.

Let’s say as an average, people spend 20 minutes a day on the toilet, it may not seem much, but over the course of 80 years it sums up to roughly 13 months and 1 week.

This gives you 451 months 3 weeks left to live.

The average person eats 5 meals per day, plus whatever munchies they eat between these meals, this gives a estimate that you spend six years of your life eating.

This gives you 379 months 3 weeks left to live.

For learning to drive, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) recommends 45 hours professional tuition, combined with 20 hours private practice, which is a total of about two and a half days.

The average person throughout their lifetime spends five years waiting in lines and queues where roughly six months of that is waiting at traffic lights.

This gives you 319 months 2 weeks 4 days and 12 hours left to live.

On average people spend four years doing housework, I could imagine it being higher for women though!

We spend roughly one year looking for lost possessions. We spend two weeks of our lifetime kissing another person.

This gives you 259 months 4 days and 12 hours left to live.

According to research from the DailyMail The average teenager spends one hour and 40 minutes a week browsing sites for adult images.

That equates to over three and a half days a year during your teen years.

This gives you 258 months 5 days left to live.

According to an online survey taken by AVForums, people go to the cinema on average three times a year, which including the time you take buying your popcorn and finding a seat, you roughly spend two and a quarter years in the cinema.

This only gives you 232 months left to live.

But you spend the first twelve years of your life just taking it easy and doing nothing, which makes your time left to live even smaller… I don’t mean to worry you, but the clocks ticking!

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  1. Actually, nowadays mostly men do the house work and the women are out working.

  2. Oh look and you just spent ten minutes of your life being an ignorant racist. Congratulations on your stunningly unique joke. It’s always great to see such frothing intelligence in someone who has taken it upon himself to judge and generalise about an entire country.

  3. Well, I found a flaw here.

    I’m currently at work taking a dump while browsing the Internets for adult images. Way to kill three birds with one stone huh? XD

  4. I’m sorry but the cinema does not add up at all. That is completely false. Unless each trip to the cinema averaged 62.6 hours. Which it does not.

  5. but this is life any way, and these what people do, normal people do

  6. We are living during whatever we do. Wither it be on the toilet or waiting in line. Enjoy the time you have and don’t worry about wasting your life away. Time that you enjoyed wasting isn’t wasted at all.

  7. If we spend 2.25 years in the cinema as you said then that equates to 19,723 hours. If we divide this by 80 for the amount of years in our life then we get 246.5 hours spent in the cinema per year, and since we apparently go to the cinema 3 times a year (even at the ages of 1 year old and 80 years old) that means that apparently we spend 82 hours in the cinema for every film we see… that’s one hell of queue for the popcorn!

  8. I would like to know how much time on average people spend figuring out how long people spend on various things in their lifetime… but I can’t seem to find the statistics… any ideas?

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