Visualizing the Petabyte InfoGraphic

Luke Ward
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In 1998, 1GB of storage cost a whopping $288 USD and by 2007 it was only $0.88!

    You’ve heard of Megabytes and Gigabytes and possibly even Terabytes, but what’s a Petabyte and how much information can it hold? 

    If it sounds like it’s a large amount of space – that’s because it is.

    With the increase of computer users constantly on the rise, it’s important to keep up with the needed storage as well.

    You may never use a Petabyte of storage in your lifetime due to how large it is.

    But it might be fun to try! 

    Find out all you need to about Petabytes in this amazing infographic!

    What is A Petabyte?

    The thing that shocks me the most is the fact that there’s over 10 billion photos that’s been uploaded to Facebook!

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