20 Facts About River Zain Ceballos

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River Zain Ceballos uses social networks to speak out about mental health awareness and has been involved in many campaigns.

    If you haven’t heard of River Zain Ceballos yet – you’ll be hearing about him soon!

    Between his activist and on-screen work, River has been working hard to establish a name for himself in the industry world.

    With these facts supplied from River himself, you’re sure to get the most unique and fascinating facts about this up and coming actor!

    River Zain Ceballos is an actor, model, writer, TV personality, and activist.

    River is 32 years old – he was born on March 11, 1992 and raised in Fresno, California to Debra Valenzuela and Paul Ceballos. He has 3 older brothers, Anthony, Juan and Adrian.

    Sadly, his brother Adrian passed away in 2013, but he continues to be River’s biggest inspiration.

    River was named after the legendary actor and musician, River Phoenix, of who he models his career after.

    Before he started pursuing acting, River was initially intent on being a singer and dancer.

    Some of his nicknames are Bird, Riv, Rio, and Tum Tum.

    His favorite colors are black and neon green – specifically neon!

    River studied child psychology at Willow International City College.

    Although he is pursuing a career in the industry, if he had to choose a different career path, he would be an MMA fighter.

    River is 6’1 with dark brown eyes – and lots of tattoos!

    After the passing of his brother, River went through a very difficult time and encountered many challenges with his mental and physical health.

    Because of this, he does his best to use his platform to speak out about mental health awareness and has been involved in many campaigns, such as #NotesfromShawn with Shawn Mendes.

    River Zain Ceballos & Shawn Mendes

    River is good friends with Shawn Mendes, after meeting him through Shawn’s campaign, and continuing a friendship after they connected.

    After being inspired by #NotesfromShawn, River reached out to different organizations and started writing for them. This led to him being a guest panelist at the annual National Eating Disorders Association in San Diego.

    River appeared in Yellowcard’s music video for “Sing For Me,” in which he shares his story about depression and self-harm.

    Since then, he has launched his own non-profit called “The Cali Misfits Collection,” where he sells anti-suicide bracelets like the ones he wore in the Yellowcard music video.

    The first big television role River auditioned for, was Freddie Benson on iCarly.

    River is a big fan of Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem.

    When he was a kid, River would use the phone book to call major studios like Warner Bros and Ren Mar Studios to beg them to put him in a TV show or movie.

    River has helped to promote a campaign called “Mirror Messages” as part of dosomething.org – it is a sort of spin-off of #NotesfromShawn.

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