10 Fun Facts About Miley Cyrus

Written by: Luke Ward
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Last updated: March 17, 2021

As a child, Miley Cyrus would collect gifts from her father's fans on stage and donate to a nearby hospital.

Miley Cyrus Facts

Here are the top ten fun facts about Miley Cyrus, if you’re a fan of her check out these top facts and see if there’s any you don’t know!

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Miley has several tattoos, one of which is under her left breast.

Miley has a medical heart condition called tachycardia.

Miley first tried out for Hannah Montana at the age of 11. She was denied due to her age.

Miley’s tattoo on finger symbolizes her support for gay rights.

Famous country singer, Dolly Parton is Miley’s godmother.

As a child, Miley would collect gifts from her father’s fans on stage and donate to a nearby hospital.

Born as Destiny Hope, she changed her name to Miley Ray in honor of her grandfather.

Miley’s grandmother Loretta Finley, is the only family member who calls her Destiny now.

Miley has attempted numerous times to become a vegetarian, but cannot seem to fully commit.

Miley was an avid church participant growing up, even wearing a purity ring.

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  1. Tammy Gerner November 1, 2019

    She has same heart condition I do….but you can fix it with ABLATION PROCEDURE

  2. Selenalover December 15, 2013

    I used to love Miley Cyrus but now I don’t because she is weird if you no what I mean

  3. Emily Picketts June 20, 2012

    she has siblings but i dont remember if brother or sister

    1. igyuhi February 4, 2013

      5 2 stepbros 2 step sis 2 lil bros 1 lil sis

  4. Mauimahi June 9, 2012

    She was born as Destiny Hope but she didnt change her name cuz of her grandfather she was nicknamed Miley short for smiley bcuz her dad said as a kid she never stopped smiling. She changed her middle name to ray because her dads middle name is ray.

  5. Raija May 10, 2012

    Miley has eight tattoos, a dreamcatcher in her right breast, a heart on his finger, it says”love” in her ear, and more. She has blue eyes. Her favorite animal is dog, her favorite movie is” Steel Magnolias” She birthday 23 November. She was born in 1992. Herfavorite food is Chinese food. Her favorite colors are purple, lime green and pink. Her favorite video game is Guitar Hero. Her favorite drink is the fuse, (energy drink). Favoriterestaurant is Cracker Barrel, Long John Silver’s. Lucky Charm: bracelets her mothergave her. Miley looks up to Beyonce. She has her own clothing line at Walmart with MaxAzria.
    just because i’m a BIG fan of Miley, and i really love her! And look up to her! <33333333

  6. Sassygirl123 April 14, 2012

    miley i love you girl did your mother die my mother didn,t

  7. Yaya April 8, 2012

    She was good friends with Emily Osment
    Miley and her sister Noah were cheerleaders
    Miley’s hair is naturally curly
    She got back with her boyfriend Liam after not being together for sometime
    She sung a duet with her ex boyfriend Nick Jonas about their relationship called “Before the Storm”