How To Treat Dog Seizures

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Today more so than ever so many of our pets are developing epilepsy.

So why the sudden increase in dog seizures?

Issues and causes.

While there are many factors that contribute to the problem, experts and veterinarians and pet health experts all agree that the excessive use of chemicals in our daily lives is a leading contributor to these dog seizures.

In fact since 1985 there has been an increase of over 350% in the amount of canine epilepsy reported from veterinarian offices in the US.

Adding to that the severity and frequency of seizures in dogs has increased tremendously.

In fact some pet professionals and animal clinics are treating various breeds of dogs for seizures that epileptic attacks that have lasted in excess of 30 minutes, which is typically very damaging to many vital organs and systems in a dog.

Before we jump into some great natural remedies for dog seizures, let’s first take a quick look at exactly what a seizure is and the various types.

At a very broad level, a seizure, regardless if it occurs in a human or animal, is a sudden and violent uncontrolled spasm or reaction originating from the brain that results in some or all of the following: severe involuntary movements, uncontrolled organ reactions, loss of conscious, loss of bladder control, paralysis, twitching, numbness and sometimes severe liver or brain damage even results.

While there are many types and classifications of dog seizures the common ones are Petit mal seizure, which is mild in nature, and Grand mal which is more severe and typically last longer.

Lastly, Seizures in dogs are directly tied to canine epilepsy but can also manifest and originate from other factors such as the environment, genetics, and other health or contributing factors.

Treatment for our furry friends.

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Now let’s look at treating seizures naturally.

To begin with let me say that medication prescribed by your veterinarian is not necessarily a bad thing as long as it is a mild and proven medication such as Phenobarbital, and that it does not have any adverse affects on your dog.

Some dog do great with this medication others do not, so you as a pet owner must try it in connection with your dog’s medical provider.

It is important to give you dog a natural supplement that contains enzymes such as Protease and Amylase.

He enzymes do a great job of protecting and rebuilding vital organs and brain activity.

Another important ingredient is Omega 3 6 and 9.

Perhaps the best place to find these is in Chia Powder, as Chia Powder is great to mitigate the damaging effects of dog’s seizures.

Seaweed Kelp is also another great ingredient that provides so many Omega’s as well as anti oxidants.

Not only does this remedy contain the above ingredients it also is fortified with Papin, Lipase, Peony, Milk Thistle, and a host of other great supplements that have been shown to help a dog with seizures defend himself and extend his life.

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