Interesting Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

Luke Ward
|1 min read

Electronic cigarettes must be introduced to every smoker in the world.

The electrical cigarette is bringing about a revolution in the smoker’s world.

The original Electronic Cigarette provides the user with a good feeling of smoking an original cigarette.

The main advantage is that these cigarettes do not cause the disease and ill effect, which may accompany the traditional ones.

These cigarettes tend to decrease the effect of the cigarettes by half.

Even though the Electric Cigarette may look, feel and even produce the taste of a traditional one its functions are a little different from that of the traditional ones.

One must know that the usage of the electronic cigarettes do not burn any tobacco, but actually, they produce certain vapors of liquid mixed with nicotine.

Upon inhalation from the electronic cigarette by the user, activates a “censor,” which in turn releases a water vapor containing active nicotine, propylene glycol, and along with an odor that replicates the relish of tobacco.

Hence in simple form one can say that the electronic cigarette makes its user to get the nicotine fix while preventing all types of cancer causing mediators found in traditional cigarettes like the tar, glue, hydrocarbons other addiction causing items etc.

In supplement to its goodness there are other advantages, which includes the electronic cigarettes to be legal among the nations.

The main reason is that the Electronic cigarettes have no usage of tobacco in it anyone can legally smoke them anywhere the traditional cigarettes are forbidden, places like bars, restaurants, also on airplanes.

Did you know that smoking electronic cigarettes reduces the negative health effects of traditional smoking by half?

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  1. Micalaryas Micalaryas 22 July 2011

    The capital acumen is that the Electronic cigarettes accept no
    acceptance of tobacco in it anyone can accurately smoke them anywhere
    the acceptable cigarettes are forbidden, places like bars, restaurants,
    as well as on airplanes.

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  5. Jason Norris 2 February 2011

    I think this is a great, short explanation of electronic cigarettes. I especially like the diagram. It can be useful to have an illustration when explaining to people how e-cigs work. Bookmarked. Thanks!