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Last updated: April 4, 2021

Tom Parker from the boy-band The Wanted dropped out of Manchester Metropolitan University where he studied Geography.

Tom Parker Facts

If you’re a fan of The Wanted, then you should check out these top thirty facts about the oldest member of the band, Tom Parker.

His full name is Thomas Anthony Parker.

Tom was born on August 4, 1988.

He grew up in Tonge Moor, Bolton, England.

His star sign is Leo.

His natural hair color is brown.

He has one brother called Lewis.

Tom Parker learned to play the guitar at the age of sixteen after trying Lewis’ guitar.

The first song Tom learned on guitar was ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis.

He is dating Kelsey Hardwick.

Tom met Kelsey in a pub.

He auditioned for The X Factor in 2007, however failed to get past the first round.

He went to Manchester Metropolitan University and studied Geography, but dropped out in pursuit of a professional singing career.

Tom Parker joined a Take That tribute band called ‘Take That II’ and toured Northern England.

In 2009, Tom joined The Wanted.

He has two sugars in his tea.

After Tom auditioned for X Factor, he worked in McDonald’s.

His eye color is hazel.

The first album Tom ever bought was Oasis – Definitely Maybe.

Tom and Max cried when All Time Low went to number one.

Tom used to have a blue stripe down his hair, he says it was his worst fashion mistake.

Tom has a tattoo on his side that reads Rock ‘n’ Roll.

He is a fan of Angry Birds.

Early 2012, Tom tweeted saying he loved America but he missed baked beans, so some American fans gave him a few tins!

Tom and Max have seen each other naked.

Tom once slept with five girls in one night!

Tom admits to cheating on each one of his girlfriends!

Tom enjoyed watching Rosie and Jim as a kid.

He admits to being a terrible dancer.

Tom Parker did a poo in a plastic bag – he then chased the rest of The Wanted around with it after.

His official Twitter page is @TomTheWanted.

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