The Wanted

The Wanted is another one of those classic boy bands who took the world by storm. With 5 members ranging from British to Irish, this group has made a strong name for themselves even with a hiatus. So satisfy your curiosity with facts about the boys behind the microphones!

Facts About Jay McGuiness

25 Facts About Jay McGuiness | The Wanted

Luke Ward
Mar 22, 2021

Jay McGuiness is a singer from the English-Irish boy-band The Wanted. He was voted the sexiest vegetarian in 2011 by PETA. Find out all you ever Wanted to know about him with these quick 25 facts all about Jay McGuiness.

Siva Kaneswaran Facts - The Wanted

20 Siva Kaneswaran Facts | The Wanted

Luke Ward
Apr 7, 2021

Siva Kaneswaran from the English-Irish boy-band The Wanted started started his career as a model when he was just 16 and has gained himself quite the following since. If you Wanted to know more about Siva then I’m Glad You Came because here’s 20 facts to get you started.

Tom Parker Facts

30 Facts About Tom Parker | The Wanted

Luke Ward
Apr 8, 2022

After failing the very first round of UK’s X-Factor back in 2007, singer Tom Parker joined boyband "The Wanted" in 2009, where he finally found his success. Learn more about Tom Parker with these 30 quick facts all about him.

Max George Facts

Facts About Max George | The Wanted

Luke Ward
Apr 16, 2021

Max George (born 6 September 1988) is an English singer from the famous boyband called The Wanted. The Wanted gained popularity through the UK’s X-Factor contest. Find out all there is to know about Max through these facts all about him.

Nathan Sykes Facts

23 Fun Facts About Nathan Sykes | The Wanted

Luke Ward
Mar 17, 2021

Nathan Sykes is a British singer famous for being a member of the popular boyband The Wanted. Did you know that The Wanted were on the UK’s X-Factor, but never passed due to breaking the rules? Find out more about Nathan with these 23 fun facts.

Facts About The Wanted

40 Fun Facts About The Wanted

Zoe Adams
Mar 30, 2022

The Wanted are a British-Irish boyband formed in 2009 during mass auditions. They are made up of five members being; Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes. If you don’t know much about them check out these 40 fun facts!