25 Facts About Jay McGuiness | The Wanted

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Last updated: March 22, 2021

Jay McGuiness from the boy-band called The Wanted has a twin brother named Tom.

Facts About Jay McGuiness

Jay McGuiness is 1/5 of the English-Irish boy-band The Wanted.

If he is your favorite member of the band, check out these top 25 fun facts that you probably didn’t know!

James “Jay” McGuiness was born on July 24, 1990.

His star sign is Leo.

He grew up in Newark, Nottinghamshire, England.

He has blue eyes and brown hair.

Jay confirmed that his middle name is not Noah or Carlos, he does have one but he is too embarrassed to reveal it.

Jay McGuiness is a vegetarian.

He went to church until he was age 15.

As a child, he went to Holy Trinity Roman Catholic school in Newark.

Jay went to Charlotte Hamilton School of Dance when he was only 13 years old.

In 2009, Jay McGuiness graduated from Midlands Academy of Dance and Drama.

In 2010, he dressed up as an Avatar for Halloween.

In 2011, Jay was voted as PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian along with Eliza Doolittle.

Jay has a twin brother called Tom, although they are not identical twins.

He has four siblings in total these are Luke, Tom, Sean and Eleanor.

Jay used to paint faces on acorns and send them as Christmas presents when he was younger.

Jay can do the splits.

One of his favorite bands is Coldplay.

Jay has his left ear pierced.

He is a fan of the English television show Misfits.

Jay owns a pet lizard called Neytiri, (named from his favorite movie, Avatar) Neytiri also has his very own Twitter profile, @Neytiri_TW.

Jay admitted that the strangest place he has ever had sex is in a barn!

In total, Jay has lost over ten Blackberry’s!

In November 2012, Jay went paint-balling and said it was the manliest thing he’s ever done.

From a very young age, Jay wanted to become a dancer rather than a singer.

His official Twitter is @JayTheWanted.

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