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Interesting facts about Drake



He’s a famous rapper from Canada, and you’re bound to have heard one of his numbers even if you don’t know who he is.

If you want to build your knowledge of Drake and the rap world, let’s look at some interesting facts about the man himself.

Drake’s full name is Aubrey Draka Graham. He also has a few nicknames including Drizzy and Champagne Papi.

Drake is 37 years old and was born on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

Although he is now most famous as a rapper, he was first known for his role on Degrassi: The Next Generation, a popular American TV series.

His mother Sandi is from Canada and is Jewish; his father, Dennis Graham, is African American and was born in Memphis, Tennessee.

His father, Dennis Graham worked with the famous rock star Jerry Lee Lewis as a drummer.

It appears many of Drake’s family have been involved in music and the arts – his uncle Larry Graham was a bassist for Prince.

When Drake was just five years old, his parents divorced. Drake then lived with his mother, who raised him Jewish. Despite this, Drake is still very close with both his parents.

Drake lives in California most of the time but also owns a property in Toronto.

Drake is 5 feet 11 inches tall (182cm).

Drake has spoken about how it was difficult for him to fit in at school. Not only was he black, but he was Jewish too in a school of predominantly white children.

He dropped out of school to follow a career in acting, but he went back to school in later life and graduated in 2012.

As well as awards for his music, Drake won a Young Artist Award in 2002.

His rapping work has earned him a prestigious Grammy award.

Drake combines rapping with singing in his songs, creating a warmer and softer rhythm and melody than many other rappers.

Kat Dennings is rumored to be one of Drake’s biggest celebrity crushes, alongside Eva Mendes.

Drake is on Twitter, and among his tweets are tattoos which he would have if he were a “tattoo person”.

A Drake fan got his name tattooed across her forehead in capital letters, a move which Drake was not a fan of.

In 2008, Drake didn’t have any acting work and was considering getting a regular job such as working in a restaurant or bar.

Kanye West directed the music video for Drake’s “Best I Ever Had”.

In the summer of 2009, Drake traveled with his “America’s Most Wanted” tour but unfortunately tore a ligament in his knee in an accident on stage.

Drake made his way into Rolling Stone’s “25 Best Songs of 2009” with his hit single “Successful.”

Drake’s first full studio album was released in 2010. It was titled “Thank Me Later” and topped the charts in both Canada and America.

The video game Gears of War 3 was expected to star Drake, but due to other commitments, it never became a reality.

Drake and Rihanna have recorded music together, namely “What’s My Name” and “Take Care.”

Lil Wayne, another famous rapper, has a record label which is called Young Money Entertainment. Drake first became famous through a record deal with this label.

Drake founded his own record label, OVO Sound, in 2012, but was still signed to Young Money.

It was alleged that Drake and Chris Brown were involved in an altercation in New York City in 2012. Drake is thought to have made the first move. The incident may have been related to the long-term feud about the fact that they have both dated singer Rihanna.

Not only has Drake been in legal trouble for his feud with Chris Brown, but he has been taken to court by ex-girlfriend Ericka Lee for not appropriately crediting her for work on the song “Marvin’s Room”.

Ludacris, Kanye West, and Pusha T are just a few of the other artists that Drake has fallen out with in the past.

In 2015, Drake posted just a few seconds of his single “Feel No Ways” on the now obsolete social media channel Vine before the single was released.

It is rumored that Drake types out lyrics on his phone first before recording them in the studio.

Drake said that his song “Hotline Bling” was not a rap song even though he is widely regarded as a rapper.

Drake has a long-term friendship with Nicky Minaj and has reportedly attempted to become romantically involved with her but to no avail.

“The Motto” is Drake’s single which references the phrase “YOLO” and “you only live once”. He is credited with the creation of the term “YOLO” in popular culture.

Drake’s 2016 album “Views” was created as a result of 81 different writers working on it.

On October 11, 2017, Drake’s son with Sophie Brussaux, Adonis, was born. He is Drake’s only child.

Drake’s 2018 album “Scorpion” saw the rapper referencing his son Adonis, confirming rumors among fans.

As of 2023, Drake is said to be worth around $250 million. This isn’t just due to his income as an entertainer, but also from OVO Sound record label and acting ventures.

Drake also has a clothing label, also called OVO, from which he generates further income.

In May 2018, Drake started dating Instagram & bikini model Malaika Terry.

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