15 Tantalizing Facts About Diamond, April’s Birthstone

Facts About Diamonds



Diamonds are elegant and graceful, but they’re also so much more. Deemed the king of birthstones, they’re believed to give protection, good health, love, and inner strength to those who wear them.

Symbolizing eternal love, diamonds are, without a doubt, the most popular gem on the planet.

If you’re looking to learn all there is to know about these dazzling beauties, look no further, as we’ve dug up some true gems of knowledge.

Diamonds are the birthstone of anyone born in April, as well as the primary gem for those born under the Aries sign. According to zodiac experts, Aries chase the thrill and the touch of recklessness that makes them feel alive. Being courageous is the most likable trait of Aries, and since diamonds are tough and unbreakable, the two are a perfect match.

The word “diamond” came from “Adama,” a Greek word that means the hardest substance. Ten times harder than steel, diamond is the hardest material known to man. This hardness is the reason diamonds are believed to protect wearers from harm.

Diamonds have literally stood the test of time. All of Earth’s natural diamonds were formed over a billion years ago when pure carbon was put under incredibly high pressure and temperatures.

The only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond. Anything else fails to leave a mark.

Up until the 1700s, the only place in the world where diamonds were mined was India. 

Diamonds have only been the gemstone of choice for engagement rings since the 1930s. Before this, rubies and sapphires were the most popular choices.

A traditional belief about diamonds is that they protect the wearer from the Evil Eye. The Evil Eye is a superstition from West Asia and the Mediterranean which is a dangerous glare that can cast a curse or bad luck on its recipient. Wearing diamonds is believed to blind the Evil Eye with its sparkle, hence preventing a curse from being cast.

Nobles and important soldiers of ancient Rome wore breastplates laced with diamonds. They believed that they were fallen stars or the tears of their gods and that they would protect them from harm.

With 600 million carats, Russia’s diamond reserve is the largest in the world. The next largest diamond reserve is Botswana’s 300 million carats.

The largest clear cut diamond in the world is the Cullinan I diamond, a 530-carat diamond found in South Africa. The Cullinan I is a part of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom and is mounted at the head of the Sovereign’s Scepter.

Vedic Astrology associates diamonds with the strength of the planet Venus, which is one of the calmest yet strongest planets in our solar system. Since the planet Venus is also associated with womanhood, diamonds are correlated with women’s glitter and shine.

One of the most famous styles of diamond cuts is the Leonardo da Vinci Cut, named after the famed Italian inventor & mathematician. The LDV cut uses da Vinci’s golden ratio and thus takes advantage of the innate attraction of the human eye to proportions.

It is believed that diamonds can activate the crown chakra, which can prevent unwanted thought patterns from forming while also providing clarity of thought. They also strengthen the wearer’s connection between body and mind.

Colored diamonds are believed to give additional attributes to their wearers. Yellow for increased thoughtfulness, blue for willpower and inspiration, black for a decrease in self-delusion, and pink for boosted creativity.

Diamonds aren’t just found on Earth. Extraterrestrial diamonds are abundant in meteorites, stars, and on Neptune and Uranus. No wonder wearing diamonds can feel so heavenly!

Diamonds on a black background 

There’s no denying that diamonds are the most brilliant of all gemstones. When cut correctly, their dazzling beauty is sure to draw attention from everyone. 

Diamonds aren’t just pretty to look at, though. As the hardest known material, they bestow great strength on anyone born in April. 

If Diamonds are your birthstone, consider getting yourself one, even if it’s just a small one, as it will bring you the courage and determination to charge forth through life without hesitation!

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