Woman Gets Shot In Head, Then Makes A Tea!

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After a woman was shot in the head, she had made herself some tea and offered the police officer something to drink.

    A 47-year-old woman called Tammy Sexton, in Birmingham – Alabama was shot in the head by her husband with a .380-caliber handgun and not only did she survive, she managed to make herself a cup of tea and offered one to a police officer!

    The husband, Donald Ray Sexton, shot and killed himself after he shot his wife.

    Tammy was rushed to hospital by a helicopter where she stayed for three days after being shot by her loving husband.

    The bullet went through her skull and left at the back of her head. She is expected to make a full recovery.

    Although this is very rare, it isn’t the first time it’s happened before.

    Medical records show that people have been shot in the head before and survived with no major injury.

    “There is a space in the brain where a missile could pass without doing any major damage. Is it possible? Yes. It would be rare,” said Dr. Patrick Pritchard who is an assistant professor of surgery at the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

    Sheriff Mike Byrd (Town Sheriff) said deputies were looking for Tammy’s husband earlier on in the week to give him documents ordering him to stay away from his wife.

    Court records show he was put on probation for six months from April 9, 2009, for domestic violence.

    “She was at her bed, and he shot her right in the head,” Byrd said.

    “Then he went out on the back porch and shot himself.” He then continued to saying, “When the officer got there she said, ‘What’s going on?’ She was holding a rag on her head and talking. She was conscious, but she was confused about what had happened. She had made herself some tea and offered the officer something to drink.”

    The only thing that could have made this story better was if her husband survived as well.

    Although it’s probably better he didn’t.

    I doubt his funeral was popular!

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