Why Do We Celebrate Cyber Monday?

Why Do We Celebrate Cyber Monday?



Cyber Monday happens every Monday right after Thanksgiving. It’s one of the most awaited days for those who often buy online. But why is that?

Well, that’s what you’ll discover in this article, along with other interesting facts about Cyber Monday, like how it all started and what products to buy (and not to buy) during this marketing holiday.

So, keep reading to learn more!

When did Cyber Monday start?

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Cyber Monday was a term created by Ellen Davis, the senior director of strategic communications for the National Retail Federation (NRF).

It was coined based on their discovery that people continued to shop online even after Thanksgiving ended.

It essentially came down to the fact that people had faster internet at work than at home, so they did a lot of their shopping the Monday following Black Friday.

The first Cyber Monday took place on November 28, 2005, but only in the US. Later on, businesses in other countries also celebrated Cyber Monday, like Canada (in 2008) and Australia (in 2012).

What happens on Cyber Monday?

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The purpose of Cyber Monday is to get more people to shop online. So, every Cyber Monday, businesses worldwide offer huge discounts and other great deals, enticing customers to increase their online purchases during this day,

This surge in online sales happens every year, which is why Cyber Monday is considered one of the biggest days for online shopping and e-commerce.

An example would be in 2017 alone, wherein the online sales on Cyber Monday reached a whopping $6.59 billion!

How does Cyber Monday differ from Black Friday?

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Besides the day the marketing holiday happens, their differences also come from where the sales increase; Cyber Monday is about increasing online sales, while Black Friday is more focused on growing retail sales.

While Cyber Monday is a new holiday, Black Friday originated in Philadelphia decades earlier in the 1960s.

It gained its name due to the crowds of tourists and shoppers that flocked to the big cities to do their holiday shopping, which always caused pandemonium.

How long does Cyber Monday last?

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More often than not, Cyber Monday only lasts for 24 hours. However, some businesses, like Amazon, turn Cyber Monday into Cyber Week by starting their promos earlier, even before Black Friday.

Some even extend their huge discount deals till December.

Which products should I buy and avoid on Cyber Monday?

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Although you’re free to choose which products to purchase on Cyber Monday, shopping experts recommend you avoid buying toys, tools, and sporting goods as these are generally priced lower around Christmas.

Now, regarding the ideal stuff to buy on Cyber Monday, they suggested those that tend to be high-ticket products, like electronics and kitchen appliances.

According to them, you’ll get great deals when you buy products like these on Cyber Monday and even Black Friday.

Do airlines do Cyber Monday deals?

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While Cyber Monday is typically about discounted products, you should also check the sites of airlines and travel agencies since they also sometimes offer discounts on this day.

Other surprising discounts you can find include cheaper rates at hotels and lowered car rental fees.

Besides Cyber Monday and Black Friday, are there other marketing holidays I should know about?A woman hands a box off various food goods to someone else

There is! But not all of them are about discounting products/services. For example, Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday immediately after Cyber Monday) is a marketing holiday about giving back.

Another day of note is Small Business Saturday (the first Saturday after Thanksgiving), which is a day for supporting small businesses.

For holidays associated with discounts, the Middle East has its own version of Black Friday, called White Friday, and there’s Singles Day (the biggest shopping day in the world) on November 11.

Finally, Gray Thursday is the day before Black Friday, although this day is pretty controversial.


Generally falling on the fourth week of November, Cyber Monday is one of the most awaited days for people who love buying things online.

It started in the early 2000s after discovering that online sales continued to ramp up even though Thanksgiving had ended.

But don’t be fooled. Just because it says “Cyber Monday” doesn’t mean all promos end after this day. Some businesses are willing to extend their irresistible deals.

So, what are you waiting for? Go snag some deals!

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