10 Unusual Ways People Celebrate Valentine’s Day

10 Unusual Ways People Celebrate Valentine's Day



Valentine’s Day is the third most expensive holiday in the US, and when February 14 comes, expect many flowers and chocolates to be sold.

But honestly, this way of celebrating Valentine’s Day can get boring because of how common it is.

So, if you want to spice things up, use these ten unusual ways people celebrated Valentine’s Day.

Giving Financial Gifts

A person handing cash to another person.

Although not as romantic as giving chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day, financial gifts can still make some people’s partners more attracted to them.

After all, most people consider how someone handles their finances when choosing a partner since a couple that’s good at handling money leads to a better future.

A survey based on 2,000 Americans in a relationship even found that 42% of the respondents said that financial security is one of the most attractive traits to have in a partner.

Some examples of financial gifts people give to their other half on Valentine’s Day are stocks, mutual funds, or insurance.

Getting A Couple Tattoo

Two persons with matching tattoos.

Commitment is crucial to make a long-term relationship work.

People show it to their partner by remembering things that mean a lot to them, spending enough time with them despite work, or sharing plans with them.

These three ways to show commitment can be done all at once when celebrating a simple date on Valentine’s Day.

But to make Valentine’s Day more special, some people showcase their commitment by getting a couple tattoo!

Their couple tattoo could be matching tattoos of a symbol or quote that resembles their relationship.

Another couple tattoo idea some couples get is a half-designed tattoo (like a half-heart) with their lover, which only becomes whole when they hold hands.


Someone loading paintballs.

For couples that live an active lifestyle, this is one of the many date ideas they prefer to do on Valentine’s Day. At first glance, playing a paintball game might not be romantic.

But it can be when you think of couples protecting each other from getting hit throughout the game, which could be taking a bullet, just like in action movies!

And playing a paintball game doesn’t only make them have fun but also improves their communication skills with their partner.

Craft Activities

A person holding a paint brush.

Doing craft activities, like pottery, painting, and wood carving, is perfect for those stuck between giving tangible or intangible gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Not only can they have a memorable experience by doing pottery, but they can also give what they made as a gift to their partner, which is way better and more nostalgic than a store-bought present.

Some prefer going to workshops to do these crafting activities. But for others, especially those who don’t want to spend much on this celebration, crafting at home and watching online tutorials would be enough since they’ll still bond with their partner.

Visiting A Rage Room

A person throwing plates on the floor.

There might come a time that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but couples are still ignoring each other due to an argument.

Or maybe someone’s partner isn’t in the mood to celebrate Valentine’s Day because of personal problems.

In this case, some couples try celebrating Valentine’s Day by going to a rage room.

For those unfamiliar with rage room, it’s a place where you can freely and safely express your frustrations by destroying things!


Two people snorkeling.

Some people ask their partners to go snorkeling on Valentine’s Day to make the celebration more adventurous.

It could even be an additional celebration for couples who planned a date at the beach on Valentine’s Day, letting them relax more as swimming in the sea and discovering marine life is also therapeutic. There’s a term for this, and it’s called thalassotherapy!

Another reason some couples choose to snorkel for Valentine’s Day is that they won’t use their phones throughout the day.

And aside from snorkeling, they also try other aquatic activities, like scuba diving, surfing, and kayaking.

Donating To A Tree-Planting Charity

A person planting on the ground.

This unique and selfless way of celebrating Valentine’s Day is celebrated by those lovers who promote environmental sustainability.

And donating to a tree-planting charity is also perfect for those who love using relationship analogies for their partner.

For example, someone can tell their partner that, just like a tree, a relationship takes time to grow.

They can also tell their partner that both can lean on each other during trying times, the same way trees in forests collide with neighboring trees to withstand storms.

What makes donating to a tree-planting organization even more attractive as a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is that organizations are promoting this kind of celebration.

One of those organizations is the National Forest Foundation which only asks people to donate $1 to plant a tree!


A tent by the lake.

Having deep conversations with a partner is one of the most memorable moments in a relationship.

And what better to do it than in a peaceful environment, right?

So, instead of booking a hotel in the city that can get quite expensive, some couples go camping where there are no city lights and vehicle noises.

Imagine someone sharing something personal with their partner under a thousand stars while birds chirp.

Now that’s a way to make Valentine’s Day nostalgic and romantic!

Hot Air Ballooning

A person looking at hot air balloons in Cappadocia

Meeting your person made you feel you’re on top of the world, right?

Riding a hot air balloon is an excellent way for some people to remind their partner about this feeling on Valentine’s Day.

And for lovebirds who are scared of heights, they think of this experience as an opportunity to finally conquer one of their fears.

They’ll be up in the sky for around an hour as the hot air balloon slowly moves, seeing an incredible view that can put a big smile on both of their faces.

Tandem Skydiving

Two person skydiving.

Falling in love can feel exciting… but falling from the sky? That could either make couples feel thrilled or terrified.

But most couples still try tandem skydiving since it’s more often than not a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them.

To give you an idea, a ballpark cost for tandem skydiving is around $300 to $600 per person.

What also entices other couples to try tandem skydiving is the inclusion of skydiving companies in their package – an example would be a photo or a video of the couple’s skydiving experience.


When you’re with the right partner, how much you spend on Valentine’s Day doesn’t matter.

What matters to them is that they spend this memorable holiday with you!

So, think less about how much money you’ll be spending and more about how much time you’ll spend with your other half on February 14.

But if money isn’t a problem for you, then make the most out of celebrating this lovely day by choosing experiences over things because these experiences can make a particular Valentine’s Day more memorable than the other ones. 

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