Facts About Rabbits

20 Interesting Facts About Rabbits

Rabbits can make a cute house pet, but the also live in the wild, if you’ve got one as a pet, read these twenty awesome facts about rabbits.

The rabbits fall into the category of lagomorphs and not rodents.

A male rabbit is known as a buck, whilst a female is called a doe.

The baby rabbits are collectively known as litter.

The teeth of a rabbit are very strong and they never stop growing.

There are currently 45 known breeds of rabbits.

A rabbit can easily live up to 10 years, if properly taken care of.

The rabbits can make sounds that are very similar to that of a cat.

Rabbits cannot vomit!

For assisting in digestion they need hay which helps them to prevent forming of fur balls in stomach.

A mother rabbit feeds her kids for just about five minutes a day.

The droppings of a rabbit are widely used as a fertiliser in gardens.

The meat of a rabbit is not red but white.

Rabbits easily suffer heat stroke and therefore prefer to live in cool places.

With their eyes placed wide apart they can easily see behind them.

A rabbit sweats only from its pad on the feet!

Night Droppings or Cecotropes are eaten by the rabbits there and then.

When a rabbit is happy they jump and twist which is named as “binky”.

In total, a rabbit has only 28 teeth for eating.

Rabbits start breeding at an early age, when they are three to four months old!

The rabbits can be literally “scared to death” if approached by a predator when they are totally unaware.

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