55 Fascinating Facts About Mars

Mars is one of the planets we can sometimes see from Earth with our naked eye. Here’s the top interesting facts about the planet Mars. Out of all the planets in our Solar System, Mars is the one which people believe is most likely to have life of some sort. The Martian day is 24 […]

The Positions of Satellites Around Earth

This collection by Analytic Graphics Inc. shows real-time positions of 13,000 satellites around the Earth in Google Earth. It’s shocking how NASA doesn’t hit any of them with their rockets. It’s strange to think that when we’re stargazing, lots of the specs in the sky are actually satellites! And to imagine that all of these […]

Water Found On The Moon!

NASA’s Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) declared that they have found evidence of significant amounts of water on the Earth’s Moon. NASA sent two spacecrafts crashing into the lunar surface last month in an experiment to search Earth’s nearest neighbor for water. NASA said that the first information from a remarkable experiment on the […]

The Hubble ‘Ultra Deep Field’ in 3D

Here’s a cool video that leads you through a quick history of deep field images and an interesting fly through of the Ultra Deep Field. Every galaxy in the image is in its correct distance as viewed from the telescope line of sight. It’s always incredible to see the advancements of science, and the Hubble […]

Facts About Pluto

Pluto was first discovered in 1930 by an astronomer called Clyde Tombaugh. Pluto is a dwarf planet that lies at the very edge of our solar system. It takes the sunlight five and a half hours to reach Pluto, which is a lot, considering it only takes eight minutes to reach Earth. Pluto is only […]

Alien Skull Found On Mars?

A strange looking boulder found on Mars appears to show eye sockets and a nose, could it be the remains of a Martian skull, or just a rock? So it doesn’t really look like Mars, looks more like a desert, but this photo of the Mars landscape has people wondering. This photo was taken by […]

The Firefox Logo In Space

Here’s a photograph of a variable star V838 Monocerotis, which was taken by the Hubble telescope back in December 2002. It is laid at the edge of our milky way and is really cool! It looks extremely similar to the Firefox logo which leads me to thinking that Mr Stephen Desroches, (who was the graphic […]

The Moon’s Moving Away From Earth

The natural satellite we all call the Moon is slowly drifting away from Earth, there’s no need to panic though, it isn’t going anywhere fast. You’ll all be dead by the time it gets too far away, unless you manage to cleverly find a way for living forever. Every year the moon moves 3.8cm away […]