Facts About the Planet Saturn

20 Fascinating Facts About The Planet Saturn

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and is the second-largest planet within our solar system. Saturn is the least dense planet in our solar system and has 62 moons. Let’s dig deeper with these 20 fascinating facts all about this gas giant!

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Jupiter Facts

15 Interesting Facts About The Planet Jupiter

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and the biggest in our solar system. Jupiter is classed as a gas giant and has 64 moons orbiting it. Let’s find out much more about this amazing planet with these 15 interesting facts all about Jupiter.

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Mars Surface

55 Fascinating Facts About Mars

Mars, the fourth planet from the sun and our closest neighbor. 1 day in mars lasts 24hr 37m and it takes 687 days for Mars to orbit the sun. There’s so many facts and revelations about the Red Planet so let’s take a deeper look with these 55 fascinating facts!

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Positions of Satellites Around the Earth

The Positions of Satellites Around Earth

Did you know that Earth has over 13,000 satellites circling its orbit? Google Earth Video providers viewers with a live real-time video of the positions of these satellites around our planet. Come and check it out.

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Water On the Moon

Water Found On The Moon!

NASA has announced that they have finally found water on the moon after sending two crafts to the satellite. This discovery opened a new chapter in the exploration of our moon and space itself. Keep reading to find out more about this special discovery.

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The Hubble ‘Ultra Deep Field’ in 3D

The Hubble “Ultra Deep Field” in 3D

The Hubble telescope was launched in 1990 and is currently operated by NASA. The telescope sits in low Earth orbit and has been invaluable as a tool for space exploration. One of those journeys is into the Ultra Deep Field. Check out this totally cool video all about it.

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Pluto Facts

Facts About Pluto

Pluto was once the ninth planet of our solar system but has since been demoted to a dwarf planet that rests on the edge of our solar system. Pluto is a harsh place, but nonetheless intriguing. Let's find out why with these cool Pluto facts.

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Martian Skull Found?

Alien Skull Found On Mars?

Several images have cropped up in recent years of what appears to be a skull on Mars. Is it really a skull or is it something else? What do scientists have to say about it? Let’s dig a bit deeper and see what you think.

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Firefox Logo in Space

The Firefox Logo In Space

Deep somewhere in space is a star called V838 Monocerotis. The star was spotted by the Hubble telescope and images were returned to us on Earth. Surprisingly the star looks much like the Firefox logo. Was it inspiration for the search engine founder?

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The Moon Is Moving Away From Earth

The Moon’s Moving Away From Earth

Every time we look up to the night sky with the moon in sight it always looks the same distance away. Actually, the real truth is that it’s slowly moving further and further away from our home planet. But don’t worry, you’ll be dead before it strays too far.

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