What Is A Flower Moon?

What is the Flower Moon?



The flower moon has a very bohemian name, and it conjures up dreamy images of floral moonscapes.

Although the name is not literal, the Flower Moon occurs every year.

Moon names come from ancient cultures and often reflect seasonal occurrences in nature.

In this article, we will look at what a Flower Moon is.

What is a Flower Moon?

Purple blooms on a tree branch with the moon behind

A flower moon is the first full moon in the month of May.

It’s an important moon as it occurs when we experience a shift in weather.

The Flower Moon signifies that summer is approaching, temperatures are rising, and all the flowers are in full bloom.

It is one of the most colorful and lush times of the year.

Why call it a Flower Moon?

Pink blooms from a tree branch with the May moon shining bright behind

It’s called a Flower Moon because it arrives when all the flowers are out in full bloom.

The Flower Moon occurs at the most colorful time of year when everything has fully grown.

From the ground up to the top of the tallest trees, you will see a sea of color, which only happens at this time of year.

It occurs after the start of spring when everything starts to recover from the winter and lasts only for a short time as the summer begins and there is a change in temperature.

Who first called it a Flower Moon?

Purple blooming flowers with the moon behind

The lunar cycle was first used as an ancient way of keeping track of the time of year.

There are 13 full moons in each lunar cycle, and each moon was given a name to reflect relevant seasonal events in nature.

The full moon of May is called the Flower Moon because it is the time of year with the densest bloom.

In North America, bluebells, violets, and phlox cover the lush green land, making it bold and vibrant.

Naming moons allowed humans to keep track of the seasons, and at this time of year, flowers bloom in unison.

The name stems from various northern hemisphere cultures and tribes as across this segment of the globe, colorful blankets of flowers take over in May.

Is it always called a Flower Moon?

A pretty blue flower with the moon behind it in the sky

Although Flower Moon is the most common name for the first full moon of May, there are other names.

This includes Planting Moon, Big Leaf Moon, and Green Leaves Moon.

The Planting Moon name comes from the importance of planting crops at this time of year, specifically corn.

According to Native American tribes, this is the best time of year to plant corn, and May’s moon was often referred to as the Planting Moon.

As well as planting corn, squash and beans are planted too so that they will be ready in time for harvest in the autumn.

Similarly, the Mohawk tribe called it the Big Leaf Moon, and the Apache and Lakota people named it Green Leaves Moon.

This is because everything is in bloom at this time of year, meaning plants and leaves have reached their biggest potential in growth by this point.

In Conclusion

The Flower Moon is the first full moon that occurs in May, and it marks a unique time of year.

Everything is in full bloom, and colorful carpets line the dense green forests of the northern hemisphere.

This doesn’t last long as the flower moon marks the change in temperature as we enter summer.

Due to this flourishing time of year, it is the optimal time for planting seeds.

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