Pokémon – A Gengar / Clefable Theory

Gengar and Clegable Theory - Pokemon
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Luke Ward
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Do you love reading random Pokémon theories?

If so, you may like this theory, if you’ve not heard this one before, you’re in for a treat!

There’s not a lot of evidence to back it up, but make up your own minds.

Gengar is a Clefable’s shadow.

I heard this theory a long time ago, but never knew the facts, so here they are:

Gengar and Clefable’s body shape and sizes are rather similar, including their hands feet and ears.

The tail of the Clefable is rounded, where as Gengar’s is spiky, which suggests dark/evil.

Gengar is a shadow type Pokémon, where as Clefable is a Normal type – opposite sides of the scale.

Like I said, you can make up your own minds about it, but the picture explains it all!

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Rumor has it that in Pokémon theory (yes that’s a real thing), Gengar is actually Clefable's shadow.

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