Pokémon – A Baby Kangaskhan Theory

Baby Kangaskhan Theory
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Luke Ward
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Most of you 90’s kids will know of Pokémon very well, it was a massive craze!

Here’s something that’s been cleverly thought out about a certain Pokémon. Kangaskhan (No. 115) doesn’t evolve and is only known as its “adult” stage.

Therefore its baby doesn’t have its own species.

All other Pokémon look exactly the same, if just smaller as babies, or it’s just their pre-evolution.

So what if Cubone is Kangaskhan’s pre-evolution?

In order to evolve into a Kanghaskan it needs a mother’s attention.

But say if the mother died, the little Cubone would take its mother’s skull as protection, and a bone, then evolve all by itself into a beautiful Marowak.

You may wonder why it doesn’t evolve into a Kangaskhan, well Pokémon games are well-known for items having an effect.

So it’s the skull on Cubone that evolves it into Marowak.

Also what about the stomach pouch on Kangaskhan’s?

Well a Kangaskhan is a female-only species with no male counterpart, however a baby Kangaskhan’s gender is not mentioned anywhere.

So Cubone’s are male baby Kangaskhan’s, which is why they don’t have a pouch, although if these were to evolve into an adult Kangaskhan, it would become female.

What do you think?

It’s well thought through and actually makes sense…

I’d like to believe this is true, and I would love the creator of Pokémon to confirm this theory!

If you like this theory, check out the Venomoth / Butterfree Theory.

There is a popular Pokémon theory that suggests that a baby Kangaskhan & Cubone are the same Pokémon.

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  1. Ribert 11 June 2019

    What about the alolan versions of cubone? Should there be an alolan version of kangaskan then?

    1. Ray 28 May 2020

      This may be confusing, but, um, there is only an alolan Marowak. There is no such thing as alolan cubone. Normal cubone evolves into alolan Marowak in alolah. This is similar to how a normal pikachu evolves into an alolan raichu in alolah.

  2. devilix 9 June 2014

    I know this is random but they should make marowak evolve into a pokemon that is a sad or angry looking pouchless kangaskhan with a skull on its head, a massive bone club and maybe a tear from its eye/s. And maybe do a prevolution that either evolves into cubone or a kangaskan but evolves after marowak and at the the same time as male kangaskan. Like…

    Kanga Male-cubone-marowak-and you could have it my idea as a mega marowak or 4th evo.
    Kanga Female-misses cubone marowak-evolves into kangaskhan same level as male does.
    :) I know its kind of dumb but….. hey I just had another dumb idea I’ll draw it too, lol

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