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There is a popular Pokémon theory that suggests that a baby Kangaskhan & Cubone are the same Pokémon.

Most of you 90’s kids will know of Pokémon very well, it was a massive craze!

Here’s something that’s been cleverly thought out about a certain Pokémon. Kangaskhan (No. 115) doesn’t evolve and is only known as its “adult” stage.

Therefore its baby doesn’t have its own species.

All other Pokémon look exactly the same, if just smaller as babies, or it’s just their pre-evolution.

So what if Cubone is Kangaskhan’s pre-evolution?

In order to evolve into a Kanghaskan it needs a mother’s attention.

But say if the mother died, the little Cubone would take its mother’s skull as protection, and a bone, then evolve all by itself into a beautiful Marowak.

You may wonder why it doesn’t evolve into a Kangaskhan, well Pokémon games are well-known for items having an effect.

So it’s the skull on Cubone that evolves it into Marowak.

Also what about the stomach pouch on Kangaskhan’s?

Well a Kangaskhan is a female-only species with no male counterpart, however a baby Kangaskhan’s gender is not mentioned anywhere.

So Cubone’s are male baby Kangaskhan’s, which is why they don’t have a pouch, although if these were to evolve into an adult Kangaskhan, it would become female.

What do you think?

It’s well thought through and actually makes sense…

I’d like to believe this is true, and I would love the creator of Pokémon to confirm this theory!

If you like this theory, check out the Venomoth / Butterfree Theory.

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  1. This may be confusing, but, um, there is only an alolan Marowak. There is no such thing as alolan cubone. Normal cubone evolves into alolan Marowak in alolah. This is similar to how a normal pikachu evolves into an alolan raichu in alolah.

  2. What about the alolan versions of cubone? Should there be an alolan version of kangaskan then?

  3. I know this is random but they should make marowak evolve into a pokemon that is a sad or angry looking pouchless kangaskhan with a skull on its head, a massive bone club and maybe a tear from its eye/s. And maybe do a prevolution that either evolves into cubone or a kangaskan but evolves after marowak and at the the same time as male kangaskan. Like…

    Kanga Male-cubone-marowak-and you could have it my idea as a mega marowak or 4th evo.
    Kanga Female-misses cubone marowak-evolves into kangaskhan same level as male does.
    :) I know its kind of dumb but….. hey I just had another dumb idea I’ll draw it too, lol

  4. Well, as you said, it says that the item (in this case, a skull), would make it a marrowak. But there are mothers! Males can’t have children unless they make and egg and it hatches! The cubone is said to be a pokemon with a skull on its head because the MOTHER died! Doesnt make sense.

  5. i disbelieve that cubone is really a baby kangashan.the reason being there are many loop holes in this theory, that i would like to point out.all tho there are many examples that can explain this,i want to pinpoint 3 KEY examples that i think will represent this theory to be flawed.one example of this is cubone is wearing an unknown skull,thats said to be a kangashans a skull. not only its a fact that we don’t even know what kind of pokemon the skull belongs to but the head size and shape of a kagashan is completely different.the skull mask that cubone wears snout, is alot long than that of a kangashan who has a shorter snount/rounder head.
    also kangashan doesn’t have horns its ears may look it ,but there just ears.

    wear as on the skull that cubone wears there are two long horns-one on each side of its skull that have flat tops at the very top.this shows that kangashans resemblance greatly differs.just to add,im not confirming this,but if you think about it the skull that cubone wears looks a lot similar to that of Aerodactyl could it be?????moving forward,lastly another reason i disbelieve cubone isn’t a kangashan is the story told within the pokemon games red,blue and yellow that mention how cubones mother was killed by team rocket.(probably by trying to protect the breeding grounds and habitat of other cubone and her young). this story in particular bothers me/ confuses me. how can there be many cubones whos mother was killed by the hands of a human.i can see there being one cubone, that particular cubone who morns its mothers death.its possible that other “cubone aka kangashan” died but not in that same way, all sharing the same story like this, it just doesn’t sit right with me.this would make that one “cubone aka kangashan” stand out. just how ashes treekco keeps a small twig in its mouth and shows guts,weres other treekco are different(just to add.)well,in closing.these are the reasons why i fell the cubone/kangashan theory to be flawed.

  6. Seriously? Man, I got Blue when it came out, too, but I saw Missingno within 2 weeks of my opening the damned box. Honestly, I kinda WISH I hadn’t seen Missingno, as I had to start a new game after catching the rat bastard >:|

  7. And according to my logic all of the baby’s encountered in the wild alone will infant be the orphans and the normal ones in the pouch just come with the mom if yet again this kind of function is even possible to awnser your question

  8. I added more but it cut me off I was Guna say of coarse there are holes in my logic since there has already been female marowaks and cuebones and they weren’t purple and for if the baby’s parents hadent died and was breed specifically in the day care then it would evolve only at Max friendship instantly to kengeskhan less this kindof function Isent possible then you’ll just have to find the items or just buy them

  9. Some real animals do this. Male clown fish become females as they age.

  10. yeah but in da game it said dat cubones mom dat was killed by team rocket was a marowak. so marowaks can have babies to???

  11. In the red/blue games, cubone’s mother appears as a marowak (FEMALE) in lavender town.

  12. Jodee: When G/S came out I thought that’s what the babies were going to be, a new evolution with bits of two Pokemon.

  13. well, technically speaking, i believe kyurem/reshiram/zekrom were all one and split into three? now slowly becoming one again?

  14. Well heres my theory, you know how in some breeds a male and female pokemon have different physical features? well maybe a male cubone is larger then its female counterpart so when it is born it kills its mother due to its size while the significantly smaller female is concieved with ease and grows into a kangiskan.

  15. Not in R/B/Y

    In R/B you only find him in Lavender Tower. In Yellow! You find him rarely in the Safari Zone.. Just like Kang. Further evidence, I think.

  16. Very brilliant theory! i think if its not the actual truth its the next best thing

  17. i believe this because in one of othe pokemon pokedexes it said that cubone wears the skull of its dead mother. so it could change what it is after its mother dies then evolve into something different

  18. Jodee, B&W2 are going to merge Kyurem with Reshiram and Zekrom – surely that counts as merging two species?

  19. If Pokemon makes a new game they should do something completely insane to them like, merging two species and making it into one also by doing this making the first 4 leved evolution species a baby kenghaskahn wich you uncover by inspecting a pile of boNes after this you are alerted that something Is hiding around the the bones after this you are thrown into a battle with an unknown creature( wich is the first battling kenghaskahn ) in the battle after its mothers death it picks up a bone for protection and wields it in battle. When you capture it you obtain a kenghaskahn skull , and it won’t evolve until you have high enough friendship when this happens you get it the skull and evolves into cuebone, then when high enough lvl it evolves into marowak them at a really late level and maxed friendship it grows out of the skull and evolves into kenghaskahn male or female thus revealing the first male kenghaskahn and as for the purplish colors for both the original baby and adult kenghaskahn females being purple and dark brownish purple then males should be cuebones and marowaks original color tan and a adult kenghaskahn should be dirt brown with no pouch

  20. well a maybe a male cubone would turn into a male kangaskhan and we just never see them in the game, aren’t we thinkign outside the game in the first place?..

  21. Ever notice you can capture them both in rock tunnel and route 15? if we are throwing around theories we may as well acknowledge that they appear in common areas

  22. i dont know if you guys know this but if you trade a missingno to pokemon stadium it will look like a subsitute doll which looks like a baby kangaskan im just pointing that out also maybe marrowak was suppose to be normale but made him ground or maybe cuebone and a baby kangaskan are 2 totally diffrent pokemon like aby kankaskan are girls and cuebones are boys because touros are boys and milktanks are females that way it would make more sense they also had boy nido and girl nido so this could have been something like that

  23. The mysterious ground-type gym leader Giovanni had a Kangaskhan in his party for the first two encounters in Red/Blue. In Stadium and Yellow, which were later versions, he does not have a Kangaskhan at all (which might explain the fix).

    After winning the Silph Scope from Giovanni in Red/Blue, you meet up with Team Rocket in the cemetery Lavender tower. Now, with the scope you are able to see the Marowak ghost, which you cannot capture. The only other pokemon you cannot capture belong to trainers. Subsequent to the Lavender encounter with Team Rocket, Giovanni has no Kangaskhan in the Gym battle.


    You see the progression in plot design of Giovanni’s team.


    You see that Marowak (ghost) cannot be captured.

    Acknowledging that one may find loop holes in the above argument, I am reminded of the theory that Gary’s Raticate dies because it is the only pokemon to leave his team. Perhaps

    I’m not sure if Marowak really evolves into Kangaskhan, but I might suggest that the Ground typing, reference to bones, ghost status, and the loneliness of Cubone might suggest a “limbo” status. Like a zombie which is in between life and death, Marowak may be rising from the ground to defend its children.

    I believe now that Giovanni’s Kangaskhan IS the ghost Marowak. You cannot capture it because it belongs to a trainer. And the aforementioned evidence suggests that my claim is quite possible!

  24. You make some good points, about the skull being an evolving item among others, but the only thing I don’t understand is how a male Cubone could change into a female Kangaskhan

  25. I’d say this is a fair argument, but let’s not forget the fact that normal pokemon that gain types are no longer considered ‘normal’, they assume the type they change into. If, assuming, it suffered the trauma of having lost a parent figure early in development and the pokemon in question underwent a drastic psychological change, it wouldn’t be overly surprising that the pokemon changes type. I believe the reason most pokemon are the type that they is due to their environment while they mature, not their DNA per se. Example; most water pokemon aren’t necessarily *made* of water, nor does their DNA cause them to control the element, that would be silly. They are water types due to the fact that most of them live in aquatic environments and, as such, maturing in said environments has allowed them to adapt and grow to be able to use abilities pertaining to water. A baby kanghaskan, with it’s parent being dead, would be forced to live on the ground, utilizing completely different survival skills than one who’s parent stayed alive. I believe this may cause development of ground abilities, as they become familiar with their new terrain.
    Just a thought though.

  26. how do you know about the “your pokémon has died” sentence in the game and those “arm” and “skull” items???

  27. …So that skull Cubone wears is a dead Kangaskhan’s skull?!?!?! …No wonder that dead Marowak in Lavender Town has such dead baby issues…

  28. Okay, I agree with pretty much everything except the male and female part. Nintendo, or Pokemon Makers, has never said that male Kangaskhan don’t have pouches, however that the children like to be with their mothers, which make sense because is the usual order of nature.

    Cubone is a baby Kangaskhan. Do you remember what Pokedex said about Cubone? It wears the skull of its parent–it doesn’t matter which one. It is depressed and sad so it puts on a dead Kangaskhan’s skull. It stops growing because the skull is too heavy and not big enough to grow into for a full Kangaskhan. So at a certain level it evolves while holding an item…and evolves into Marowak.

  29. you guys just need to look like ten comments before yours to see that you keep repeating. it could be possible to put that in the next pokemon after black and white if they do make a new one’s since they made pre evolutions and third evolutions

  30. Wow…you’ve been playing pokemon for about 13 years and never knew about missingno? lame.

  31. Well, actually, there was originally Baby Kangaskahn and then it would either A. Elvolve into a kangaskahn if the mother was in the party (Wich would explain the script for evolving another pokemon based on it’s level, AND the wild only gender chances that where not even put back in until the third generation.) the kangaskahn baby would evolve straight into the full adult. BUT, if the mother fainted enough times in combat, she would “Die” (I mean litrally die, erased, and that also explains the message “Your pokemon has died” being in the game’s files with the script for eraseing pokemon.) The Baby would gain a skull to put on it’s head and a bone from the mother and evolve into Cubone (Wich would ALSO explain the “skull” and “arm” items in game.) and then the current wa to evolve until around level 48, which would make it into a Kangaskahn, but the reason it was taken out was because they had not finished coding out the loop holes (Like, keeping a cubone from turning into a kangaskahn, how to avoid killing other pokemon or a kangaskhan never or instantly dieing.) so to do it BEFORE the release, they moved the baby and evolution code to an empty slot, stored other crap there (Like dual moves, Bird type, that kind of stuff.) as well, and released a game that will give some people loving memories.

  32. Idk wtf u guys’ problems are, but in the new games the pokemon breed their pokemon not a different species. Ewww… You guys have a point about missingno though.

  33. there are fish in the real world that change genders. The strongest female in the pond will turn male in order to keep producing offspring..so gender changing can be possible

  34. I’ve caught an ‘m before, and when i got it 1 experience point it evolved into a Kangaskhan, ‘m happens to be Missingno’s sister. ‘m is the pokemon that involves into Kangaskhan, although it was taken out at the last minute, also ‘m is water and flying type, you can teach it fly, and it learns water gun, even though it already HAS water gun and sky attack, so basically i taught my ‘m fly, and it learnt water gun, then it evolved into Kangaskhan, so now i have a Kangaskhan with 2 water guns a sky attack, and fly. whatever Kangaskhan’s pre-evolution was, it was flying/water type.

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