5 Ways To Make Your Day Last Longer

5 Ways To Make Your Day Last Longer



Time is the form where both physical and mental processes take place.

The concept of time is used both in physics and in philosophy.

Despite the fact that everyone knows that a day has 24 hours, an hour has 60 minutes, and a minute has 60 seconds, etc., our sense of time is individual, and it can change during the day and during parts of our lifetime.

Most often we hear complaints from elderly people claiming that the days have become much shorter than they used to be.

Obviously, this is their subjective sensation, which is connected with the fact that the life of an elderly person is often rather monotonous and less eventful than younger people.

The idea of ​​time perception can be applied in practice and take advantage of.

If we load our brain with new information, the extra time it takes to process it will make us feel that time is moving much more slowly and the day will seem significantly longer as a result.

You can make your day last longer in five ways:


A woman studying on her laptop

Reading, attending various courses, mastering new knowledge and skills will give a plenty of new food for thought, which will feel like time goes by slower.

Visiting new places and getting out of the box

A man hiking a wild valley

New information (new people, smells, sounds, colors, etc.) needs to be processed by the brain when you change the environment.

It does not necessarily have to be a trip.

You can change the environment by taking your work to a cafe, choosing a new restaurant for dinner, or changing the route going for a daily walk.

Getting to know new people

A group of four people socialising

Communication with people, especially new ones, requires considerable spiritual strength and energy, because you need to understand and “process” them.

Socializing is also an excellent training method for the brain.

In addition, communicating with new people gives us a lot of new information – both about them and from them.

Trying new things

A man learning to play a guitar sitting on the sofa

New activities associated with new vivid sensations also increase feelings and make the brain more alert.

It can be a new sport or a new hobby, when the brain pays attention to every little thing, and the time stretches and feels longer.

Being spontaneous

A woman standing on a rock looking across the wide blue ocean

Surprises help us shake and inflame sensations.

You should surprise and stun your brain with spontaneous decisions and impressions.

After all, as we already know, the less information is known and the less time the brain will process it, the longer will time go.

Why make your day last longer?

Do you know what the most valuable resource in your life is?

It is time.

The quality and level of your life depends on the way you spend your time and schedule your day.

The amount of this resource is the same for all people – 24 hours.

Some people allow themselves to sleep for 12-14 hours, while some are sleep deprived and rest for 4 hours maximum at night.

But that is not all – actions should to be distributed properly.

Without this, your day will not be effective, even with 15 working hours.

It’s natural for an individual to do one of two things:

Not setting any tasks for the day. No planning and schedule is set. The day passes chaotically. Generally, these are people who do not have any strong ambitions or long-term goals in life.

Setting a huge number of tasks. These are people who have goals and ambitions. Generally they focus on their dreams and desires.

If you belong to the second category, open your calendar, iPad or phone and look at the number of things that you have planned for today or tomorrow.

It may include more than 10 tasks. And that’s also a problem.

It’s dangerous because having too many tasks which you’re realistically unable to complete can bring you down and make you feel worse about all the work you have done.

If you consciously force yourself into making a huge number of tasks per day, I give you 95% that you will not manage to make all of them.

And somewhere deep inside you agree with me.

You know that you have 10 tasks, even though 5 of them will take all day to solve. And this is normal.

You need to delegate tasks, or cope with them the next day.

This inefficiency makes us unhappy and makes our day short.

You are not satisfied with your progress and results. You go to bed.

And, perhaps, wake up angry, knowing that yesterday you did not succeed.

In fact, everything is fine! You just set too many tasks.

Therefore, follow our tips and find your balance to make your day last longer and more satisfying. Good luck!

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