Maggie, daughter of Homer and Marge Simpson, sister to Lisa and Bart, the baby of the family who rarely speaks, has a violent temper and even an arch-enemy at the age of 1.

Maggie is the least seen and heard in the Simpson Family.

Since she cannot speak, it is harder for the writers to produce a storyline for Maggie which would keep the watchers attention.

She is often not seen alone for a majority of an episode.

Maggie’s full name is Margaret Simpson.

This was first revealed in the episode ‘Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily’, which was season 7, episode 3.

Maggie doesn’t like spending time with her aunts Patty and Selma.

This seems to run in the family, as Homer, Bart and Lisa also dislike their company.

In the opening sequence, Maggie is scanned at a supermarket checkout scanner, and cost $847.63.

This is a reference to the monthly cost of caring of babies in 1989. In 2009, the new HD opening title sequence was introduced, where Maggie now scans in at $486.52.

Maggie is amazing at playing the saxophone.

It’s not just Lisa who can play the saxophone, however Lisa could also play as a baby.

Maggie can change her own diapers.

Just like Lisa could when she was a baby.

Maggie as a teenager, wears a necklace with her dummy attached.

This was seen in the episode ‘Lisa’s wedding’, where it is set 15 years in the future.

Maggie apparently never shuts up however throughout the episode, she is interrupted every time she tries to speak.

Maggie’s first word was “Daddy.”

This is something neither Bart or Lisa would call him when they were babies.

She has also said “Daddily Doodily” when she was in the care of Ned Flanders.

Maggie is a violent child.

She has hit Homer over the head with a mallet, she shot Mr Burns, she has shot people from the mafia, smashed her baby bottle to use for a weapon and dropped a rock on Russ Cargill’s head in The Simpsons Movie.

Maggie’s arch-enemy Baby Gerald, was born on the same day as her.

The Springfield General Hospital had one diaper left when they were born, and it was given to Maggie.

Baby Gerald was wrapped in the discount section of the Springfield Shopper and he developed a rash which continues to irritate him to this day.

He blames Maggie for this and spends his nap times plotting revenge.