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Kermit the Frog is possibly the most famous puppet of all time.

Created by puppeteer and all-around entertainer Jim Henson, Kermit came to life in 1955.

Kermit and the Amazing Turquoise Dreamcoat.

Kermit looking down

Kermit originally started life as an old turquoise coat that his mother threw in the dustbin.

Seeing the potential for a new creation, Henson rescued the coat and fashioned it into a lizard-like creation with ping-pong ball halves for eyes.

Henson established that Kermit was a frog after a few television appearances – his green frilled collar was later added to hide the seams between head and neck.

What’s in a name?

Kermit sat on a leather sofa

There have been many rumors about how Kermit got his name.

Some believe it was in memory of Henson’s childhood friend, Kermit Scott.

Dismissing this, it was then thought that Henson took the name from a sound engineer, Mr. Kermit Cohen.

It was then thought that the namesake came from Kermit Love, a designer, and constructor working on The Muppet Show.

A big frog in a small pond.

Kermit with his thumb down

Kermit began life in 1955 as a character on Jim Henson’s five-minute puppet show, Sam and Friends, before becoming a regular on Sesame Street.

He became the central protagonist of The Muppet Show, where he was performed by his creator, Jim Henson.

When Henson passed away in 1990, Steve Whitmore took the strings until 2016.

Kermit has been performed by Matt Vogel since August 28, 2017.

He never had a frog in his throat.

Kermit being confident

Kermit is more than happy to talk to presenters and willing television personalities about his “childhood” – he revealed on an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition that he has 3,265 brothers and sisters.

During the self-titled film Kermit’s Swamp Years, it was revealed he was the first frog to leave the swamp and talk to humans.

During The Muppet Movie, Kermit returned to the swamp where he met an agent played by Dom DeLuise – he and the rest of the Muppets became ‘rich and famous,’ kick starting their showbiz careers.

Kermit and friends.

kermit with his friends including Miss Piggy

During Kermit’s guest appearance on Martha in October 2006, the guest profile on the show’s website stated that Kermit was “created” on May 9, 1955, leading many people to celebrate this day as Kermit’s birthday.

His best friend is Fozzie Bear, a stand-up comedian for The Muppet Show.

They have known each other for years since Kermit’s first journey. He is also Kermit’s second in charge backstage at the theater.

Miss Piggy is Kermit’s long-term girlfriend, even though she has a tendency to strike him when angered.

Deep down, they do care for each other, and they both regularly attend events together, such as appearing on BBC One’s The One Show.

An educated performer and writer.

Kermit writing at a desk

Kermit enjoys performing for his adoring fans and released ‘The Rainbow Connection’ from The Muppet Movie. In 1978, the song sky-rocketed to number 25 on the charts.

In 2001, he also performed with puppet admirer Kylie Minogue on An Audience With… Kylie Minogue. The two performed the hit song ‘Especially for You.’

He is also the ‘writer’ of the top-selling autobiography Before You Leap: A Frog’s Eye View of Life’s Greatest Lessons.

Kermit holds an honorary doctorate in Amphibious Letters. He was awarded this in 1996 from Southampton College, New York.


Kermit the Frog holds a televisual place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Scores of fans attended the grand event in 2002.

Ten years later, Kermit’s friends joined the Hollywood Walk after the successful release of their latest adventure, The Muppets.

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