25 Interesting Facts About Elephants

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Most living creatures are amazing in their own different ways.

But what most people don’t realize is, elephants are even more amazing when you discover some really awesome facts!

You are about to make an exciting discovery about elephants, which I’m sure will make you appreciate these amazing creatures much better.

If an Elephant dies, it’s family members take very good care of the bones.

On average, the ear sizes of an African elephant and an Asian elephant are very different. African elephant’s ears are three times larger than those of Asian elephants.

African elephants tend to use their long ears for reasons such as signalling others and protection.

The average adult elephant poops 80 pounds a day!

Both African and Asian elephants use their ears as an air conditioner.

During World War II, the very first bomb dropped on Berlin by the Allies, killed the only elephant in Berlin Zoo.

An elephant has been tried and hanged for murder back in 1916.

This large mammal can drink up to 80 gallons of water in one single day.

The smell of water is so familiar to them that they can recognize it from a distance of three miles!

Elephants are the only mammal that cannot jump.

Elephant Facts

Each elephant has completely unique ears.

They can swim for long distances.

They have a pulse rate of 27.

They have a poor hearing, despite having such large ears.

They are known to live for as long as 70 years.

An elephant will spend about 16 hours eating in a single day.

Elephants sleep very little. These mammals are known to sleep for about 5 hours in a night.

An elephant sleeps while standing.

Their trunk has no bones. Over 150,000 muscles and nerves provide the trunk’s flexibility.

An elephants skin is tough, and about 1 inch thick!

The elephant has enough control over their power to be able grasp and lift a raw egg with the trunk without breaking the shell.

Elephants use their finger-like projections at the end of their trunks to scratch itchy skin behind their ears, or to wipe dust away from their eyes.

An elephant’s trunk can also serve as a straw or a hose.

An elephant fills its trunk with up to 5 quarts of water and then empties it into its mouth in order to drink.

The elephant listens with its feet as well as its ears. When an elephant speaks, it creates a low-pitched rumbling sound that is nearly inaudible but sends vibrations through the earth.

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