Facts about badgers

15 Bodacious Facts About Badgers

Badgers belong to the Mustelidae family, just like weasels, otters, ferrets, and minks. Being primarily nocturnal, they enjoy coming out of their burrows after sunset. Learn more about these incredible mammals with these 15 bodacious facts all about badgers.

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The 2019 Russian polar bear invasion

The Mass Polar Bear Invasion Of Russia

In 2019 a state of emergency was called by Arkhangelsk Oblast authorities in the northern islands of Novaya Zemlya, Russia, after dozens of polar bears invaded the area. Polar bears are rarely seen in Russia, but sightings have become more frequent as climate change destroys their natural habitat.

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Adorable Corgi dog facts

12 Captivating Facts About Corgis That You Should Know

Corgi dogs are undoubtedly cute and for a small furball, they have a ton going for them. They are a very old breed of dog and incredibly intelligent to boot. You'd be absolutely barking mad to not check out these 12 captivating facts about Corgis.

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Why do chimpanzees throw poop?

Why Do Chimpanzees Throw Poop?

Ever been to the zoo and spotted a chimpanzee throwing poop? Or have you been incredibly unlucky and been at the receiving end of it? You must be bananas to have not wondered why they would take part in such a disgusting practice. Let’s find out why they do this.

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A brown bear with his long tongue hanging out

Do Bears Really Love Honey?

We’ve all seen Winnie The Pooh bear tucking into a nice clear jar of sticky sweet delicious honey, but does that mean bears really love honey? Natural sugars in honey contain many nutrients so is it the sweetness that bears love or is to replenish a bear’s nutritional needs? Let’s find out.

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100 Cat Facts

100 Facts About Cats That You Should Read Right Meow

They're cute, soft and one of the most popular pets in the world. They may be quiet and fond of their alone time, but there is much more to felines than meets the eye. If you love your cat or you're a cat person, you'll love these 100 adorable facts about cats & kittens!

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11 Likable Facts About Llamas.

11 Likable Facts About Llamas

The popularity of the llama just seemingly sprung upon us overnight. Now merchandise sporting these fluffy balls of cuteness have marched their way into our stores everywhere. But, there’s more to llamas than cuddles and Instagrammable photo ops. Check out these 11 likable llama facts.

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Fantastic Facts about Otters

15 Otter Facts That Are Otterly Amazing

Otters are the dogs of the water world, so it’s no small wonder that we humans have such affection for them. They’re cute, they’re fuzzy, and easily photogenic! These cute critters have some interesting skills and habits to learn about!

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Fantastic Sloth Facts

10 Surprisingly Chill Facts About Sloths

They swing from trees, they sleep a lot, and they have adorable fuzzy faces! Sloths have become increasingly popular over the past few years, thanks to the internet! Let's find out what's to love about these slow moving creatures!

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Facts About Kangaroos

15 Fun Facts About Kangaroos

Kangaroos are an icon of Australia! These adorable hoppy creatures make up for a large amount of Australia’s animal population. But what problems does this cause? Check out these 15 facts about kangaroos!

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Knabstrupper Horse Facts

10 Wild Facts About Knabstrupper Horses

Knabstruppers are among the more unique-looking breeds of horses - they have an interesting spotty appearance. If you've never heard about this horse breed, learn about them here with these 10 most interesting facts about Knabstrupper horses!

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The Surprising Comparison Between Beef and Cars

How Beef Is Worse For The Environment Than Cars

It’s easy to think the environmental comparison between cars and hamburgers may be silly. However, a beef barbecue on a hot summer day has even greater impact that you probably were unaware of! Let’s take a look at why there’s such a large disparity between beef and Bentleys.

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