Eggs can be prepared in many ways and can be used for different things such as food, decoration, cake and dealing with simple household problems like slugs and stained mugs!

  1. Chicken eggs are not just white and brown in colour.
    It depends on what breed of chicken lays the egg as to what colour the egg will be. Eggs can be blue, blue-green, a reddish-brown colour or even speckled.
  2. You can see how old an egg is by putting it in water.
    All you need to do is fill a bowl with plenty of water and drop the eggs in. If the egg sinks to the bottom, this means it is fresh. If it floats to the top, it’s not fresh.
  3. About 75 billion eggs are produced in the United States each year.
    This is roughly ten percent of the world’s total, however the U.S. is not the biggest supplier of eggs, as in China, there are over 390 billion eggs produced each year, which is about half of the world’s egg supply.
  4. Chickens are not the only birds that lay edible eggs.
    Just because this is the most common, lets not forget about the other egg laying birds like duck, emu, goose, turkey, ostrich and quail.
  5. It’s better to use a not-so-fresh egg if you’re hard-boiling it.
    This is because in fresh eggs the white sticks closely to the shell, making it more difficult to remove once hard-boiled.
  6. Eggs can be used to treat wounds.
    The membrane that surrounds the white and egg can be used to help treat fevers, heal minor wounds, treat bruising, reduce scars, soothe sunburn, draw out splinters and stop bleeding.

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