Lidl was first founded in Germany as a grocery wholesaler back in the 1930s by a member of the Schwarz family. Lidl’s full name is Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG.

The first Lidl stores were opened in 1973. By 1977 there were 33 Lidl stores in Germany. By the 1980s Lidl was a household name throughout Germany.

During the 1990s Lidl started to open stores around the rest of Europe and today Lidl stores can be found in nearly every country in Europe. Lidl is now well-known as a main European food retailer. Today, Lidl, as part of the Schwarz Group, is one of the largest grocery retailers in Europe; it has over 3100 stores in Germany and more stores around the rest of Europe. It is Aldi’s main competitor in Germany.

Since 1994, when Lidl first came to the UK, there has been a fast rise in the amount of stores and is now more than 400 stores, and there are still plenty more to come. Lidl are planning to take their stores outside of Europe and possibly build stores in locations such as Canada, Australia and Mexico.

There doesn’t really seem to be much history behind this store unlike Tesco’s, although I thought I would do a post about this as I have a Lidl in my town and I was thinking about going there later to pick up a car seat cover!