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Well we’ve all bought something from Tesco’s before, it’s the sort of shop where people assume everything’s really cheap, but I’ve noticed that it’s not actually that cheap, maybe that’s just me though.

Anyway, here’s how Tesco’s has become so big over the years.

The creation of Tesco.

Tesco was founded by Jack Cohen in 1919 when he started to sell groceries from a small East End London stall. 1924 is the year that the Tesco brand first appeared.

The name ‘Tesco’ was established when Jack Cohen bought a batch of tea from T.E. Stockwell.

He created labels which used the first three letters of the supplier’s name, which is TES, and the first two letters of his surname, which is CO. If you put the TES and the CO together, surprisingly it forms the word TESCO.

When was the first store opened?

The very first Tesco store was opened in 1929.

It bought a few more stores and supermarkets until the 1950s when it grew dramatically and had over 800 stores.

The company bought out loads of different smaller stores.

A new leader and company expansion.

In 1973 Jack Cohen resigned and was replaced by his son-in-law Leslie Porter.

In 1994, Tesco’s fought Sainsbury’s for control of a firm based in Dundee which operated 57 stores. This made it possible for Tesco’s to expand its stores into Scotland.

In 1997 Tesco’s also expanded into Ireland.

Tesco delivers more than food.

In 1995 Tesco’s started their Internet shopping service which is still active and remains profitable for the company.

Since 2001 Tesco has spread its company all over Britain and basically buying out a small company they thought was worthy.

Tesco now offer car and house insurance, it has its own mobile phone network, it has six different types of stores which are: Tesco Extra, Tesco superstores, Tesco Metro, Tesco Express, Tesco Homeplus and One Stop – Every Little Helps.


Now here’s two things I’m not too sure are true, but you can make your own mind up:

There is no such film as Charlie and the Tesco factory.

Tesco has not bought the other side of the Moon… Yet.

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