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30 Super Facts About Spider-Man

Spider-Man has always held a small place in my heart, the spider-like hero swinging from building to building has always mesmerized me, particularly as a child. Here we’re going to look at 30 facts about this web-spitting hero.

  1. Spider-Man, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, first appeared in August 1962 in Amazing Fantasy #15.
  2. Spider-Man wasn’t actually going to be a spider based superhero. Stan Lee actually wanted to base a comic on a fly or insect but decided on a spider.
  3. Marvel’s first spider was actually Spider-Man. Journey into Mystery released a month before his first appearance, featured a giant spider.
  4. The high school library, used for one of the “The Amazing Spider-Man’s” battle scenes, used a separate stage and was made of almost 3,000 feet of fake Styrofoam books with real covers.
  5. Spider-Man did wonders for us youngsters; he was actually the first teen-hero who wasn’t an adult’s sidekick.
  6. The correct way of writing the spider’s name is actually Spider-Man, Stan Lee specifically placed a hyphen to avoid confusion with “Superman”.
  7. The Amazing Spider-Man finally made his last appearance in volume 1 in the 700th edition, released December 2012.
  8. Spider-Man’s web dissolves within an hour and yet is strong enough to hold the Hulk.
  9. Spider-Man’s web is faster than a bullet, in one situation Spider-Man managed to web a gun as the trigger was pulled.
  10. Spider-Man is a very clever businessman, he has a doctorate and runs Parker Industries.
  11. A weakness of the seemingly indestructible Spider-Man seems to be the pesticide ethyl chloride.
  12. Former President Obama’s favourite superhero is actually Spider-Man.
  13. Spider-Man: The Animated Series had only 3 punches in the entire series, this was due to huge censorship from Fox.
  14. Filming of The Amazing Spider-Man was at Sony Studios’ Culver City lot and the film covered 7 stages with its sets.
  15. During Kraven’s Last Hunt, Spider-Man managed to survive after being buried alive for two weeks.
  16. Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four when the human torch died.
  17. In 2007, Marvel’s four issue Spider-Man: Reign depicts a possible future where Mary Jane dies of cancer caused by Peter’s radioactive sperm.
  18. In the PS2 game of Spider-Man, A billboard depicts Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, a player will hear “Tony Hawk! Hey I skated with that guy” when they approach it. This ties in with our next fact.
  19. If a gamer completed 100% of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 the player is gifts Spider-Man as a playable character.
  20. Spider-Man wasn’t the only amazing hero in his family; his parents were spies and died in a plane crash. Hence why Peter lived with May and Uncle Ben.
  21. In the ’90s, Marvel revisited a plot from the 1970s in the ‘90s involving a mad professor of Spider-Man’s who created a clone who died but later rears his head as The Scarlet Spider.
  22. Spider-Man has had numerous ‘real’ jobs including a high school science teacher, a scientist and a business-owner.
  23. Spider-Man may indeed be Jewish, even with Marvel’s hope of depicting non-religious characters, Peter and his family are portrayed as a family similar to Stan Lee’s own Jewish family.
  24. At one point, the spidey actually had 6 arms and even became a giant spider.
  25. The Green Goblin actually got Gwen Stacy pregnant and the twins later came back to battle Spider-Man.
  26. Peter has been with numerous women including Betty Brant, Liz Allen, Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson and the Black Cat.
  27. Spider-Man has died numerous times including in the story lines “The Other” and “Superior Spider-Man”.
  28. One of the histories of the Spidey actually have him as a wrestling hero who, after beating Crusher Creel, went on to parade around in a snazzy costume on TV.
  29. Spider-Man actually had a sensor sewn into his costume that set his camera off when he passed; this was how to wonderful Peter captured his shots.
  30. For the film The Amazing Spider-Man, over 1,000 people were employed.

As I said above, Spider-Man really does make me incredibly happy and always has. His combination of down-to-earth looks and nerdy persona always appeals to many a comic book fan.

As with all these types of heroes, there are endless numbers of facts some mind-blowing, some mildly dare I sat boring?

But whatever the situation these heroes are an escape, a way to entice children and adults alike and Spider-Man, especially since his Avengers appearance, is going nowhere, that’s for sure.

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